Pneumatic Wire Stripping And Twisting Machine
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Pneumatic Wire Stripping And Twisting Machine

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3QMachine overview introduction


Product name: Pneumatic wire stripping machine

Double acting cylinder

Power cord , Electronic cord , Multicore cord

Computer stripping bending machine


Product introduction

Oblique back design, ergonomic, double-acting cylinder, there is no concern about spring breakage. The use of oil-gas self stufficient two-piece body ,real-time oil supply to the cylinder,reduce the internal wear of the cylinder, delay the service life,the reciprocating stroke is stable, pneumatic-electric control,light and agile, easy to work, adjustable structure,adjust the thickness of the line of sight. Suitable for the processing of short wires with small diameters, such as AC/DC, power cords, computer wires,electronic wires ,multi-core wires, etc.


3QMachine blade

Flat knife suitable for stripping flat wire

Standard V knife suitable for stripping flat wire

Round knife suitable for special wire



Each machine is standard equipped with a blade (a pair of 2 pieces), the equipped blade users can choose one of the above three pieces according to their own stripping needs, users with other blade needs can contact customer service personnel. (Note: the size of round knives with different wire diameters is not the same. If you need round knives, please provide the size of wire diameters first.) A V knife is standard.


Product analysis

Adjust the stripping length main cylinder

Wire positioning cylinder-

Blade holder


Wire clamping block

Adjust the distance of the clamping block cylinder.

st the distance of the blade cylinder


Data Sheet 

Running distance1 50mm
Stripping ability5- 30mm
Air pressure5~ 8kg/cm2
Strength165~ 300kg
Cylinder diameter80mm
Specification615 x 425 x 375mm

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