Nylon Braided Wire Hot Stripping Machine
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Nylon Braided Wire Hot Stripping Machine

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Product overview

Product name:Pneumatic-electric hot stripping machine


1. Excellent blade material

The blade is made of titanium alloy

2. Constant temperature heating

Dedicated to earphone cable, USB cable, computer multi-core

cable and all kinds of medical cables with thin rubber skin

3. One machine for multiple uses

The cutting and peeling can be done at one time,

and the peeling can be single or double knife

4. Having Processing samples

Suitable for single-strand cable, USB cable, headphone cable,
isolation cable, computer cable, flat cable, parallel cable, all kinds
of single core cable, nylon braided cable, high temperature cable, etc.

Product`s structure:

1. wire size adjustment

2. Pneumatic cylinder

3. Air pressure-regulating value

4. Titanium alloy knife

5. Voltage regulation

6. Switch

7. Power cable

8. Foot pedal

Product details:

1.Constant temperature can be adjusted.

Adjust the temperature of the cutter through the voltage of the power cord, so that the stripping effect is better.

2. Quality cylinder
Special aluminum alloy body and cylinder, tough and wear- resistant and not easy to rust

3. Air pressure regulating valve

Highly selected pneumatic control valve is corrosion resistant, reliable in quality and long in life

4. Knife mold and clamping seat

The distance between the die and the clamping seat is short, which makes the computer core wire or special short wire easy to operate and no burns.

Data Sheet: 

Product namePneumatic-electric hot stripping machine.
stripping length1.5-25MM

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