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Overview introduction:

Product name: All- electric large cable computer stripping machine



1. 14-whee

2. simultaneous drive

3. color touch screen

4. New energy cable

5. High precision

6. Powerful

7. Servo motor drive

8. Large cable stripping: Equipped with large-aperture conduit for wire feeding, imported hard blades

9. Belt feeding: Belt feeding, two independent systems, high stripping precision

10. Colling fan: 6 high-power fans to dissipate heat, efficiently dissipate heat for the body

11. Operation button: Easy to operate, easy to debug, easy to set up


Product introduction:

1.All-electric large cable computer stripping machine. 14 wheels are driven at the sa--me time, the wire feed wheel and the tool post are both high-precision servos Motor driven, high power, high precision, belt feeding. The 7-inch color touch screen operation interface is intuitive and easy to understand, supporting Support 200 groups o--f program memory function, support three layer shielded wire stripping program. 0n the basis of large cable stripping machine, increase 2 Times the power. The output is 2-3 times that of the ordinary wire stripping machine! Save a lot of labor!


2. The pressing force of the incoming and outgoing reel can be set directly in the pro--gram, and there is no need to manually adjust the pressure of the wheel. force. The outlet wheel also has the function of automatically lifting the wheel. When the wire is stripped, the outlet wheel can be automatically lifted upward to avoid it. Therefore, the stripping length range of the thread end is greatly increased, and the lifting h--eight of the outlet wheel can also be directly set in the program.


3.Color touch screen operation interface, various parameters are intuitive and easyto understand, you can quickly operate the machine with simple training; This machine also has a three-layer stripping program, which can be stripped in three layers, or three times when the stripping length is long; Provide 200 groups of program memory function, which can store the processing parameters of different wires in different program numbers.


 Data Sheet: 

Operation interface7 inch color touch screen PLC
Applicable wire6mm2- 180mm2
Maximum cathetero28mm
Stripping lengthThread head 0-500mm,thread tail 0-250mm
Minimum cutting length60mm
Stripping length0-100 meters (more than 100 meters can be customized)
Sheath programSupport up to 3 layers of peeling function
Memory functionUp to 200 groups of programs can be stored
Blade materialImported high-speed steel
P ower1 500W
Outline ruler11 80*650*1200mm
Processing speed2000records/hour

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