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Touch Sensor Wire Stripping Machine

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Overview Introduction:

Product Name: Induction pneumatic stripping machine



1. Premium blade V-Shaped knife edge: 90 degree V-shaped knife edge design, Strong versatility,

No need to change knife, Flat section of wire

2. Fast and convenient to adjust the knob: Stripping Length, Half stripping distance, Cutter depth can be quickly adjusted by knob

3. Pure pneumatic control easy operation: Whole machine adopts pure pneumatic control. Can work without power supply

4. High efficiency pneumatic sensor: Controlled by pneumatic sensor switch Accurate head peeling/Quick response/High efficiency


Product introduction:

The working air pressure shall not be lower than 0.5Mpa, the working temperature is about

15°C, pneumatic induction type trigger start, the tangent range is 0.3~2.03 square (soft wire

skin can reach 4 square, the air pressure must be greater than 0. 6Mpa), the adjustment

methods are all knobs, The length is adjustable from 1. 5-20mm: the wire diameter is

ameter is adjustable from 0.3-2.03, and the length of the semi-peeled glue is adjustable.

The main features of the machine are high precision, high efficiency and fast payback period.

Pure gas does not need electricity, and it is safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


Processing wire type:

PVC wire、Loose wire、Solid wire、Single stranded wire、Single core cable、

wire、cable、 Rubber cable etc.


Blade installation procedures and standards

1、Turn off the air supply

2、Turn knob 3 to scale 0

3、Push the knob 6 inward to the end.At this time, the blades are required to coincide (note that the blades coincide in front and back, not in the top), and theblade edge should always keep a regular quadrilateral in the process of coincide.


Installation of wire claw

In the sixth step, the thread claw is installed when the knife edge is exactly coincident.It is required that the . two claws can be symmetrical at the center of the knife edge. Otherwise, the inclined edge or the peeling head will bend to one side. The size of the middle gap shall be adjusted by the customer's line diameter (generally, the thin seam of the line skin is small, most of which is thin; The thickness of the thread is large, and the non-standard line is applicable in this case. The thickness of the wire skin is very thick and the core is very thin.)


Product accessories:

Pneumatic accessories


Data Sheet:

Cable section0.03-2.08(mm2)(32-14 AWG)
Maximum cable outer diameter3.2mm (0.12)
Peelingprocessing precisionComplete stripping: 0.5mm Partially stripping: 2mm
Diameter setting accuracy0.01mm(0.001)
Maximum stripping length20mm
Processing timeAbout 0.3 Seconds
WeightNet weight:2.0kg Gross weight:2.4kg
Air pressure0.55Mpa-0.8Mpa

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