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Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine

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Overview introduction:

Product name: 3F Vertical core wire stripping machine


Product introduction:

This model is mainly used for the stripping of some special wires in the current wire industry ,such as computer core wires, isolation wires, telephone wires ,flat wires and other thin wires. It is suitable for special wires with a diameter of AWG#1 8-32 above 0. 5mm. It can be applied to this machine; the exquisite design makes the machine structure tight, ingenious, and easy to operate; multiple simultaneous stripping functions double the work efficiency; compared with other similar products, this machine has a very high cost performance, and greatly

saves. Up the operator.



1. Peeling blade (flat blade) Cutter blade

2. The machine comes standard with a set of blades: A set of blades is 4pieces,2 stripping blades (flat blades),2 slice blades For other blade, please contact customer service. (Note:The upper cutter is 1 .5mm higher than the lower cutter )


 Data Sheet:

Stripping wire diameter0.1-2.5mm
Power supply220V 50HZ
Air pressure5~ 7kg/cm?
Stripping lengthSingle knife cutting 25mm   
Double knife cutting 1 .5-5. 0mm
Specification260x 150x 270mm

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