Pneumatic Wire Terminal Crimping Tool
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Pneumatic Wire Terminal Crimping Tool

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Overview introduction

Product name: pneumatic terminal crimping machine 


1. Precision crimping efficient and convenient 

2. Efficient  Form instantly

3. Convenient foot switch

4. Portable lighter weight

5. Die No adjustment required

What is a pneumatic crimping machine?

The parts of the crimping machine are made of special alloy steel after repeated precision stamping and heat treatment. The section is smooth and flat. The crimping die is made of super-hard tool steel, with long service life, precise aperture size, and good crimping effect. The crimping end is quadrilateral.

With the pneumatic end crimping machine, you can get rid of the boring and repeated manual crimping method. The crimping speed is 10 times that of the manual crimping pliers, which has a greater cost advantage. It is suitable for special crimping of international standard tube-type

terminals. The precision die material is made of high-quality alloy steel through a special heat treatment process. There is no need to replace the jaws, the crimping is fast, and the crimping is firm and reliable.

Can crimping sleeve type terminals

Real shot of terminal crimping effect

Owning high-quality tools will bring you a pleasure at work

Terminal crimping effect display diagram

1. Put the sleeve type terminal into the crimping port

2. Insert the wires

3. Foot switch, pneumatic crimping terminal

Pneumatic crimping machine is suitable for all bushings and double bushing terminals within the range of 0.08-6MM2

Four-sided crimp

Hexagon after pressing

Suitable for factories and workshops which need to press a large number of terminals

Multiple novel designs

Bring a better crimping experience

1. Adaptive mechanics design

The die can be automatically

adjusted according to the size of the terminal

2. Foot switch control

The operation is quicker and more

convenient, and it is more efficient than

hand pressing pliers

3. Super energy-saving cylinder design

Save 50% of the gas source

4. High-quality alloy steel

Durable and long-lasting, no need

to change the die belt

5. Mini design

Mini practical, beautiful appearance, easy to carry

6. Terminal entry sideways

Terminal enters crimping sideways

7. Instructions

Before using this equipment, it is recommended that users read the instructions in this manual carefully to understand the use methods and technical performance indicators of this equipment.

How to use

Please connect to the trachea according to the corresponding markings of the equipment and its accessories Open the air source. At this time, the clamp head of the equipment should be in the open state before crimping. Place the end to be crimped in the corresponding fixture position, step on the foot valve, and release the valve after the crimping is complete. The crimping speed can be controlled manually according to the speed when the pedal air valve is stepped on, or a pipe joint with a throttle valve can be selected for adjustment.

Using conditions and precautions

This equipment uses fluid: compressed air. Use environment and fluid temperature 5~60 °C.

The medium used for the equipped cylinder should be filtered through a filter above 40um before it can be used (that is, the air source used by the cylinder should be filtered through an airfilter for use). The pipes connected to the equipment should be selected with corresponding air pipes and joints and the internal debris must be removed to prevent debris from entering the cylinder and damaging the cylinder. When crimping large square ends, please ensure sufficient air source and air pressure. Iift is used in a low temperature environment, anti-freezing measures should be taken to prevent the water in the system from freezing.It is recommended that the medium used in the cylinder be usedafter being lubricated (that is, a lubricator should be installed in the gas supply pipeline; it is recommended to use the turbineNo. oil ISOVG32).

Maintenance and storage instructions

Before use, pour a little lubricating oil into the joints of each movable shaft of the machine to extend the life of the machine. This product is a pneumatic product, no matter it is used or stored, it cannot be placed in a high, low temperature, high humidity environment. Keep clean and dry when not in use to avoid rust. The opened intake and exhaust ports should be blocked with dust caps or other dust-proof measures should be taken.

Data Sheet

Product namePneumatic tube terminal crimping machine
Crimping range0.08-6mm2
Air pressure range0.5-0.7MPa

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