IDC Pneumatic Cable Parallel Automatic Crimping Machine
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IDC Pneumatic Cable Parallel Automatic Crimping Machine

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IDC pneumatic extruder

8P-64P pressure line

Automatic stamping reset: The product is automatically punched after being pushed in, and the cylinder is automatically reset after completion, easy to learn

Sample display

This machine is mainly for 8P-64P IDC cable crimping

Product information

1. The electromagnetic valve

2. Air pressure adjustment

3. Barometer

4. Trachea

5. Filter

6. Power cable

7. Cylinder

8. Press block

9. Bakelite Mould

10. Slide

11. Base

12. Sensor


1. Aiming at 8P -64PIDC cable pressing and arranging head machine instead of hand pressing pliers, the pressing efficiency is high quality and stable, and the operation is simple.

2. Low gas consumption, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

3. It is suitable for IDC product crimping cable.

4. It can be pressed 300 to 600 times per hour according to the type of product.

5. Use 6~8kg air pressure and 220V power supply.

6. After the product is pushed in, it will press automatically, and the cylinder reset operation is simple and easy to learn after the completion.

7. Used with bakelite base, simple operation, wear resistance and high precision.

8. The body is all made of steel, which is stable and durable, and the exterior is chrome-plated, which is beautiful and does not rust.

9. Deliver a set of bakelite crimp adjustable block 8~40P (designed and manufactured according to customer products)

Show details

Automatic stamping reset: Automatic stamping after the product is pushed in

The electromagnetic valve: Adjust the direction and flow rate of the medium

Filter: Filter the moisture and impurities

Quality cylinder: The gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure

Data Sheet 

number of crimping4-40P a fixture 40-64P a fixture

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