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Hydraulic Crimping Machine

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Overview introduction:

Product name: Multifunctional hydraulic injection terminal machine



1. 2.5-95 square terminal crimping

2. Stable performance

3. Quiet and precise

4. Strong applicability

5. Accurate and stable

6. Fast and efficient

7. Intelligent control


Several advantages of our hydraulic terminal machine

Let you know more about our equipment

1. Can be matched with various new energy wiring harness crimping dies: B mold, Open hexagonal mold, Hexagonal mold,

2. Select the specification to be crimped on the touch screen: 12 independent shortcut key programs under each model, you can quickly, switch processing after the initial debugging is completed

3. Meet international requirements: High cost performance, imported double sealing ring, hard oxidation

4. Fine differentiation technique: High torque, high precision, low vibration, low heat generation, stable performance

5. Large lead and fast speed: High precision, high hardness, super abrasion resistance, dust-proof and silencing

6. Stable voltage output: With short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-heat protection

7. High quality design: With high-speed computing processing speed is 2 times the ordinary

8. Imported sealing ring: Good sealing performance, sensitive response, wear-resistant and not easy to deform, no need to add lubricating oil


Exquisite details are valuable in craftsmanship

1. Oil pressure gauge: Withstand the impulse, impact of the medium  

2. Water separator: Eliminate moisture and impurities generated during equipment operation

3. Mould hanging head: Equipped with several holes for easy disassembly and assembly of molds

4. Foot pedal switch: Millions of mechanical life


Data sheet: 

Name10 tons hydraulic terminal machine
Display method7 inch true color touch screen
FunctionLarge square terminal crimping
hexagonal B-shape
Effective itinerary40MM
Crimping range2.5-95 square
Way to controlOil Electric
Applicable moldHexagonal die Quadrilateral die Upper
and lower punching die
Size450x450x 1050MM
Start methodManual/pedal

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