Cast Iron Cable Terminal Crimping Machine
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Cast Iron Cable Terminal Crimping Machine

  • 3Q machine


wire stripping machine



Overview introduction

Product name: wire stripping and crimping machine

High quality material pressing precision presentation

Cast iron terminal machine

Rugged cast iron body/frequency conversation technology


Choose our core function

Give you a different experience

Frequency conversation technology

Quick die change

Quiet and low noise

Pure copper motor

Parameter adjustment rugged body

Product technical features

The com[any wins customers by quality and wins the market by reputation

Product details

1. Control panel: The buttons are arranged neatly, the adjustment is convenient, the

high-definition digital display, with the counting function, the output is clear at a glance

2. Copper stepper motor: Using copper motor, the current is smoother, the heat generation is low, the performance is stable, and the power is strong

3. LED Lighting: The LED lighting lamp is energy-saving and power-saving, has a long service life, is clear and does not dazzle the eyes, and is convenient to debug the mold

4. cast mold: The replacement is simple and convenient, and a variety of molds can be replaced at any time, which is firm and stable to meet different work needs


Hexagon free replacement crimping mold

Open hexagon exchange-free crimping mold

Four- point crimping mold

Data Sheet: 

Crimping ability20KN30KN40KN
Work efficiencyAbout 3000 times/hour(Depending on proficiency)About 3000 times/hour
(Depending on proficiency)
About 3000 times/hour
(Depending on proficiency)
Applicable wireWithin 10 squareWithin 16 squareWithin 25 square
Adjusting force1-501-501-50
Crimping speed40-80MM40-80MM40-80MM
Power supplyAC220V 50/60HzAC220V 50/60HzAC220V 50/60Hz
PowerAbout 0.75KWAbout 1.1 KWAbout 1.5KW
Net weight of bare metalAbout 70kgAbout 70kgAbout 75kg

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