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Cable Crimping Pliers

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Terminal Crimping Plier

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Overview introduction:

Products name: Mini crimping pliers



1. Meet the needs of terminal Crimping in the whole industry, the crimping effect reaches the international standard

2. Suitable for many occasion: Power Industry/Automobile industry/Shipbuilding industry/Appliance industry

3. Automatic reset

4. 50% less effort

5. Improve efficiency

6. Pressure interface: When crimping, as long as the terminal enters the crimping pliers sideways, the forced braking device will automatically release the crimping jaws when the required squeezing force of the terminal is reached, ensuring that high quality can be maintained during repeated crimping The pressure line standard.

7. Pressure regulator: Can be adjusted to a better range to ensure precise crimping of various small terminals

8. Comfortable handle: Use PP-TPE environmentally friendly two-color handle, comfortable to shake hands, durable and non-slip, easy to operate

Three steps to complete the operation

9. Owning high-quality tools will bring you a pleasure at work


Three steps to complete the operation:

First step:Prepare terminals and wires

Second step: Put the stripped insulated wire into the terminal and start crimping

Third step: Crimping can be completed by applying a little one-handed pressure


Data sheet:

Crimping ability0.25-1.0mm2
American Standard23-17 AWG
Length17 7mm


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