Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping And Crimping Machine
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Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping And Crimping Machine

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Overview introduction:

Product name: Multi-core wire stripping machine



1. Strength 

2. Create professional quality

3. Automatic

4. Lightweight design, compact structure

5. 4 cores 6 technologies

6. Technology/Professional/Strength/Quality/Service

7. Efficient

8. Durable

9. Stable

10. Safety

11. Strong applicability

12. Precise positioning

13. Intelligent control

14. Precise positioning

15. Mute and precise

16. Fast and efficient

17. High precision mold: Using high-precision molds, the stripping and end-finishing can be completed at one time.

18. Operation control panel: Using intelligent operation panel, can adjust the speed, pressure, peeling terminal function.

19. Positioning function: Automatic clamping and positioning, automatic stripping, single strip core wire range 0.8-4.0mm.

20. Mute terminal machine: Controlled by mute terminal machine, stable and durable, safe and secure, mechanical action.

21. Wide application: Suitable for various wire materials such as USB multi-core wire, sheath wire, power cord, etc.



1. USB multi-core cable

2. Sheathed cable

3. Shielded wire

4. Double parallel

5. Power cable

6. Computer core wire

7. Signal control line

8. Cable


 Data Sheet:

Device model3Q-KAR-218
Power supply220V
Production capacity3600/H (depending on the wire)
Sheath peelingThe shortest peeling skin is 18MM
(depending on the line of sight material)
Suitable wire diameter2-12P 1 8#AWG 28# sheathed wire
Crimping ability2.0T
Crimping stroke30MM
Applicable moldOTP horizontal mold, straight mold
Dimensions650* 500*1300MM
Shortest stripping20MM depends on the wire
Automatically cut wasteYes
Automatic waste paper collectionYes

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