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rj45 crimping machine

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Product overview

Product name: Crystal head crimping machine.

Product usage: suitable for various of grid lines,telephone lines,can be crimper with PC plugs ,British and American plugs.


1. Accurate crimping

2. Lightweight and no noise.

3. High efficiency and small error.

4. High-speed motor

Driven by high-speed motor,higher work efficiency.

5. Multi-ways for opening.

Arbitrary selection of contact crimping and foot crimping.

6. High precision jaws

High-precious jaws prevent pressure distortion and deformation.

Product all parts introduction:

1. Motor

2. Portable handle

3. Indicator/troubleshooting lights

4. Toggle reset switch

5. Switch

6. Upper die

7. Lower mold base

8. Modulation controller

Product details:

1. Switch adjuster:a total of 2 gear adjustments

Auto-sensing file: Put the crystal head to automatically sense and press,Sleep position: can't operate any key, Foot pedal position: can only be operated

by the pedal controller

2. indicator light/troubleshooting light:

If the light is not on, it means that the power is not turned on. Turn the mode adjustment switch to gear 1 to turn it on. If the light is not on, please check whether the fuse at the back is blown.

3. modulation controller

Control the die lifting.

4. upper knife mold:adjust the lifting height of knife template.

1. If the pressure is not enough, please loosen the upper knife fixing screw and fine-tune the pressure adjustment nut

2. If there is no puncture, fine-tune the height of the inner blade

3. Support multiple models of die

4. Lower mold base:fine-tune left and right positions.

5. Loosen the two screws on the front, then adjust the left and right nuts.

Data sheet:

Product nameCrystal head crimping machine
Crimping ability150KG
Scope of application2p-8p8c
Power supplyAC 220v 50hz

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