Vibrating Plate Single Grain Free Punching Terminal Crimping Machine
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Vibrating Plate Single Grain Free Punching Terminal Crimping Machine

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Product overview

Product name: Vibrating plate single grain free punching terminal machine


Processing sample display:

Applicable to all single-grain terminals,saving expensive joint terminals


Application field:

Home wiring harness

Factory reset

Military wiring harness

Communication harness

Power harness


Product analysis:

1.Feed track

2.Terminal machine power switch

3.LED light switch



6.LED lighting

7.Terminal machine mold

8.Working desk

9.Centrifugal shaker


11.Control box

12.Filter regulator


Product details:

1.Centrifugal shaker

Bulk terminal automatic feeding,saving time and labor,frequency control, accurate motor positioning, automatic terminal alignment

2.Feed track

Using infrared control, the vibrating. plate automatically suspends feeding when the track is full.

3.Filter regulator

Equipped with high-quality pressure gauge, accurate detection, filtering output gas, air pressure can be adjusted freely, more stable

4.Safety mask

There is a transparent protective cover outside the crimping area of the terminal machine to prevent accidental injuries to non-operators

5.Worming desk

The work surface can provide a lot of convenience when working, making the work smoother.

6.Push cylinder

After the previous crimping action is completed, the material is automatically pushed to the port, making the crimping easier and faster

Data sheet:

NameSanda terminal machine with vibrating plate
Dimensions50*800*1200 (mm)
Using electricAC 220V/50Hz
Power consuimptionMotor: 250WLEBterminal light: 220V 1w
Vibrating plate:120W
Gimping ability20Kn
Slider stroke35mm (40mm)
Crimping times120/min
Clased height26mm
Closed height adjustmemt10mm

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