Fuly Automatic Sleeve Immersion Tin Machine for Coaxial Core Wire
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Fuly Automatic Sleeve Immersion Tin Machine for Coaxial Core Wire

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Product overview

Product name:Stripping brush wire twisting wire stripping machine.

Product fiction:Peeling, breaking up weaving, braiding upright, twisting,

pushing down weaving, removing aluminum foil

Processing samples:

Applicable wire:USB3.0/4.0 series,HDMI wire harness,1185 wire,car audio wire,medical wire harness.


1. One-stop station completion.

The station is completed in one stop, the operation is simple, and it saves 4-6 workers compared with the original operation method

2. LCD touch screen control

Same kind of wire,different wire diameters can be switched, simple and fast debugging.

3. Easy to use

Single cycloid, the machine integrates the functions of single-end heat stripping,weaving and breaking, weaving and straightening, weaving and twisting,

cutting aluminum foil, and removing aluminum foil.

Product details:

1. Touch screen operation.

Microcomputer touch screen operation,simple operation and convenient debugging.

2. Hot stripping remove quit.

3. Weaving and breaking braid straightened.

4. Braided and twisted cutting aluminum foil dealuminated foil

Wire harness industry

1. LED

2. Grid

3. New energy

4. Telecommunication

5. Air conditioner

6. Medical instruments

7. Smart electronic device

8. New energy vehicles

9. Medical instruments.

Data sheet:

Power supplyAC220V/110V 50/60HZ
FeaturesPeeling breaking weaving braiding electron-twisting thread-pushing down weaving-removing aluminum foil
Applicable wireUSB3.0/4.0 series, HDMI wire harness, 1185 wire, car audio wire, medical wire harness
Applicable wire diameter2. 5- 5mm
Stripping length10-45mm
Peeling methodRotary peeling (Electric motor drives the turret to rotate peeling)
Twisting methodDigital operation (Electric motor drive)
Display methodChinese and english Touch screen LCD display
Transmission structureSlide rail, reducer, Chain
Air pressure0. 6MP-0.8MP


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