Fully Automatic Double-head Wire Stripping And Tinning Machine
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Fully Automatic Double-head Wire Stripping And Tinning Machine

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Product overview

Product name: Fully automatic double-head wire stripping and tinning machine.

Product function:

1.Wire cutting

2.Single-ended peeling

3.Double-ended peeling

4.Double-ended half strip

5.Double-ended twisted wire

6.Single-ended dip tin

7.Double-ended dip tin


1. Easy to use Chinese interface high definition.

LCD screen, high-definition Chinese interface, simple operation, quick to get started

2. High efficiency fully automatic work.

Using dedicated single-board computer control, full automatic working speed is fast and high efficiency

3. Servo control depth precision

The whole machine adopts servo control, the 90-degree soldering point is even and the depth is accurate.

4. A wide range of production wires: from AWG18 to AWG32, 8 wires can be processed at the same time, with high production capacity and wide application range;

5. Full Chinese touch operation: simple and easy to learn, full CNC tool adjustment, CNC adjustment of length, depth and other parameters.

6. Hybrid servo drive, high precision and fast speed

7. The bin furnace is designed with automatic tin scraping and wire feeding devices, so that there is no tin oxide slag and smoke in the tin area, while ensuring the cleanliness of the table and reducing the damage to the human body by the smoke,

8. With a waste recycling device, the stripped rubber can be automatically recycled to the storage bag.

Wire harness industry:

1. Led

2. Grid

3. New energy

4. Telecommunication

5. Air conditioner

6. Medical instruments

7. Smart electronic device

8. New energy vehicles

9. Medical instruments

Data sheet:

production capacity16000-22000pcs/h
Processing methodsRoller wire feeding
Power supplyAC220V 50/60Hz sinlge phase
Machine capacity1000-22000 er hour (depending)
Applicable wireAWG#1 8-AWG#32
Cutting length8MM-9999mm
Stripping length0.1-10mm ( length can be customized)
Twisted wire length3~10mm
Dip length1~10mm
Air pressure6KGf (need to use clean and dry air)
CertificationCE, ISO


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