Automatic Multi-core Wire Stripping And Terminal Crimping Machine
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Automatic Multi-core Wire Stripping And Terminal Crimping Machine

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Product overview

Product name: semi-automatic cable terminal machine.

Product function:

Processing samples:

Mainly used for crimping: PH, XH, EH, 2H and other rehearsal communication wiring harness terminals, SCN, SM, VH and other strip connectors for flat wire terminals.


1. Touch screen operation

Color LCD touch screen operation interface,all parameters and intuitive and easy to understand,you can get started quickly without any experience.

2. Quick die change

Arbitrary exchange of OTP horizontal mold,quick mold change, simple and quick debugging,higher efficiency.

3. High quality screw

The screw rod adopts high-quality screw rod to make the transmission more stable and accurate,and there will be no undesirable phenomena such as missed driving and twisting.

Product advantage:

1. Used for crimping: PH/XH/EH/ZH and other rehearsal communication wiring harness terminals, SCN/SMVH/DuPont and other strip connectors with cable terminals

2. Automated production embodies the fixed-length cutting, accurate wire stripping, balanced terminal crimping force, so that the wiring harness terminals are crimped neatly

3. Adopting a stepper motor driver, no matter how many wiring harnesses, the terminal pressure is controlled accurately, which reflects the conduction performance of the wiring harness

4. Fully automated production, saving labor costs, the process of cutting from the incoming and outgoing wire to a fixed length, stripping and dividing the wire, and pressing the double (single) head terminal is fully automated without manual intervention.

5. Automatic splitting and finishing at one time.

Product details:

1. wire feeding department:

2. Hit the end

3. Wetting department

4. Tool holder

5. Discharge part

6. Automatic wear rubber shell

7. Servo motor

Wire harness industry:

1. Led

2. Grid

3. New energy

4. Telecommunication

5. Air conditioner

6. Medical instruments

7. Smart electronic device

8. New energy vehicles

9. Medical instruments

Data sheet:

FeaturesContinuous crimping of single ended wire terminals
Standard P number3-20 P (20-40P) can be customized
Split line length22 mm- 35 mm
Short cable length65 mm (50 mm , can be customized)
Applicable small wire diameter0.9 mm
Power supplyAC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Weight130 KG
Dimension1450*800*1550 mm

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