Automatic Manual Wire Stripper Machine for Scrap Copper Recycling
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Automatic Manual Wire Stripper Machine for Scrap Copper Recycling

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Automatic Manual Wire Stripper Machine for Scrap Copper Recycling Automatic Manual Wire Stripper Machine for Scrap Copper Recycling


Overview introduction

Product name: Automatic manual wire stripper machine


1.【HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION】- Industrial heavy-duty frame, users can mount to any bench or work station as easy as possible. Full-metal structure, built to last a lifetime.

2.【SAFE CUTTER WHEELS】- Cutter wheels are of high hardness, to be anti-rust. Fast stripping speed. 10 blades for your wire stripping. A protective cover for complete safety and ensuring continued high performance.

3.【MULTIPLE STRIPPING CHANNELS】- Designed with both round holes and flat stock cable cutting channels. Ergonomic hatchback design or adjusting two screws to feed wires in different.

4.【HAND-CRANK DRIVEN】- Stripping speed is all up to your own pace. This manual stripping machine works according to your working preferences with the adjustable handle.

5.【WIDE APPLICATION AREA】- This manual wire stripper is capable of stripping round wires from 1.5mm - 38mm and flat wires of various specifications. Such copper wire recycle will remove the plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged scrap wire.

Product sample introduction:

This is a rolling peeling machine, 1-20 mm Cable Wires Stripping Tool. It has an ideal two rollers drive equipped. Efficient, precise cable peeling machine with about 1-20mm dimension thin wire. The rolling stripping machine is solid steel and equipped with a serration peeling roller.' Thus, no matter is the peeling roller, or the guiding roller drive wire will avoid sliding.

Product Details

1. Stable & Durable

Portable and heavy-duty design to ensure safety. Made of durable metal material. Easy to operate with two installation holes.

2. Fully Blades Protection

10 blades are of high hardness, to be anti-rust—fast stripping speed. The housing is used to protect the blade from damage.

3. Sufficient Stripping Force

Stripping Capacity: 1.5mm - 38mm / 0.06"-1.5". Ergonomic hatchback design, adjustable two screws. The cutting force of this machine can be adjusted by regulating the distance between shafts through-bolts adjustment.

4. 11 Cutting Channels

Includes both flat slot and round channels for stripping scrap copper wire and accommodate a variety of wire sizes.

5. Adjustable Handle

It cut the necessary depth within the ring gear. The drive is manually carried on by the supplied handwheel.

6. Various Application

The manual wire stripper is able to strip round wires and flat wires of various specifications.

Manual Hand Cranked Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

The Manual Wire Stripping Machine features 11 channels of cutting wheels for stripping scrap copper wire. It strips wire form 1.5mm up to 38mm diameter. Generally speaking, this machine can remove the plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged scrap wire, recycle copper wire and benefit from non-insulated pure copper wire.

Heavy-duty Construction

Safe Cutter Wheels

Multiple Stripping Channels

Hand-crank Driven

Package size

Length: 52cm / 20.47 inch

Width: 14cm / 5.51 inch

Height: 29cm / 11.42 inch

Package Content

1 x Wire Stripping Machine

Data sheet:

Wire gauge range1.5mm - 38mm / 0.06"-1.5"
Channels of Cutters11
Cutting Blades10
Overall Dimensions with handle520 x 135 x 290 mm / 20.47" x 5.31" x 11.42"
Weight22kg / 48.5lb
Feeding hole diameterA. flat cable feeding hole
B: 1.5~6mm diameter feeding hole
C: 6.0~9.0 diameter feeding hole
D: 9.0~13mm diameter feeding hole
E: 13.0~16.0mm diameter feeding hole
F: 16.0~19.0 diameter feeding hole
G: 19.0~24mm diameter feeding hole
H: 24~28 mm diameter feeding hole
I: 28~38 diameter feeding hole

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