Automatic European Loose Single Terminal Crimping Machine
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Automatic European Loose Single Terminal Crimping Machine

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Product overview

Product name: Automatic European loose single terminal crimping machine.

Applicable range:This machine is specially designed for single insulator tube terminal

crimping, suitable for wire harness processing of 0.5-4mm2

Processing sample display: This model is specially designed for single-grain tube terminal crimping. Suitable for wire harness processing of 0.5 4mm2


1. Safe for crimping operation.

The threading part adopts a trumpet-shaped threading port, fully sealed peeling and crimping, the crimping operation is safer.

2. Automatic feeding neatly sorted

Manually put the bulk terminals into the vibration plate at will, the machine automatically arranges them neatly and sends them ,to the terminal machine mold, the vibration plate supports frequency conversion speed regulation, the cylinder is accurately positioned, and the riveting standard is uniform.

Structure of machine:

1. vibrating plate feeding

2. Speaker threading port

3. High-speed steel stripping knife

4. Touch LCD screen.

Product analysis:

1. transparent protective cover

2. Vibrating plate

3. Unboxing button

4. Touch man-machine interface

5. Flared threading port

6. Air pressure regulating valve

7. Air port

8. Power interface.

Product details:

1. flared threading port

The threading part adopts a trumpet-shaped threading port, fully sealed peeling and crimping,the crimping operation is safer.

2. Vibrating plate feeding

Adopt vibrating plate feeding method, convenient and quick to replace the terminal.

3. Touch man-machine interface cnc operation.

4. internal wiring.

5. Air pressure regulating value.

Working pressure


6. power connector

Wire harness industry:

1. Led

2. Grid

3. New energy

4. Telecommunication

5. Air conditioner

6. Medical instruments

7. Smart electronic device

8. New energy vehicles

9. Medical instruments

Data sheet:

Product nameAutomatic wire sipping and crmping machine for tube type temials
Stipping length8-12mm can set the stpping length
Production capacty1.8 secondsline
way to controlTouch panel, ectronic control, pneumatic contol
Operation modeAutomatic tigger operation/manual operation
Aplicable wireBVR hard wire 0.5-4mm?, soft wire needs to be twisted 0. 5-2 5mm?
Terminal supplyVibrating plale feing
Crimping methodLett. and right hoizontal cimping in prallel
Replace productIt only takes 5 minutes to change product seicationsn
Rated powerAC220V 50Hz
working pessure0.3-0.8MPA(not less than 0.3MPA when cnmected to dry air soure)
Working humidity-101400 (ambient temperature)
weightAbout 30kg

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