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Automatic Cable Stripping And Twisting Machine

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Product overview

Product name:cable stripping and twisting machine


1. Upgrade design: twisting, peeling inside and outside,stepper motor and intelligent control.

2. Core technology:four-wheel drive, touch smart,tungsten steel blade, one machine for multiple uses, fully automated and accurate and fast.

3. LCD touch screen control: Intelligent control system, Chinese and English

switching, simple operation and easy setting

4. Four-wheel drive:Four wheels are driven at the same time, the gear is cut off,

and the knife cut is neat Stable stripping quality

5. Random accessories:1 catheter,1 power cord, 1 set of hexagon wrench. 1 wiring board, 7-rpund straightener 1 and 1 manual.

6. One machine for multiple uses ,it is effective and good efficient.

7. Twisted wire at both ends: wire cutting,skin stripping.core wire stripping,twisted core wire four in one.

Basic structure of machine and more details:

1. LCD screen

Application of 32-bit CORTEX-M3 core processor, runing speed up to 72M. can store hundreds of information to call at any time.


3.Wiring panel

4.Wire feed wheel

5.Twisting device



Inside and outsider peeling twisted wire For flat sheathed wire, automatic cutting, internal and external stripping, two-end core wire twisting processing

This machine adopts twisting and effect is better

8.Catheter motor drive

This machine uses a motor to drive the tube, which has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, convenient adjustment and not easy to damage.

9.Intelligence control system

Application of 32-bit CORTEX-M3 core processor, running speed up to 72M,can store hundreds of information to call at any time.

Product more details:

1. Automatic mobile tool holder:

Four wheels are driven at the same time, the gear is cut, the knife cut is neat, and the stripping quality.

2. Touch screen control

intelligent control system,Chinese and English switching, simple operation and easy

setting Touch screen control.

3. Intelligent control system

Using 32- bit CORTEX-M3 core processor, running speed of 72M per week.

4. Using 7-round straightener

The wire is straighter and more precise, improving work quality and efficiency.

Product Parameters:


Flat sheath wire stripping and twisting machine

Machine size




Power supply

AC220V 50Hz/60Hz (special voltage can be customized)

Display method

Full Chinese LCD screen

Processing size range

AWG7#~AWG28# (depending on wire material and structure)

The inner and outer skinning and twisting of the flat sheath wire

can be completed at one time

Cutting length


Stripping length

Front end: 0~100 Rear end 0-60 (half stripping is

required for more than 30)

Cutting tolerance

+(0.2+0.003*L)mm (L is equal to length)

Blade material

Tungsten steel

Speed of work

1500-2000 pieces/hour

Drive way

Step motor drives 4 wheels simultaneously

Processable wire

Flat sheathed wire, PVC, VSF, Teflon, glass fiber wire, etc.

Adjust the speed


Wire harness industry below like:

1. LED

2. Grid

3. New energy

4. Telecommunication

5. Air conditioner

6. Medical instrumental

7. Smart electronic device

8. New energy vehicles

9. Medical instruments

Data sheet

Equipment modelSQ-BJYJ8110
Equipment functionThread cutting, internal and external peeling (support half peeling and full peeling)
Equipment characteristicsLow noise, simple operation, support a variety of peeling methods, and adapt to dfferent wire specifications
Overall dimension490*450*290mm
Equipment weight36kg
Rated power supplyAC220V 50/60Hz
Cutting length1-99999.9mm
Outer peling length1-30mm
Inner peeling length1-20mm
Motor power650W
Cutting wire coreTwo core round sheath 6mm
ThroughputAbout 2000 pieces 1 hour (depending on the line of sight length)
Cutting toleranceWithin 0.002xlmm
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