15T Fully Automatic Vertical Injection Molding Machine
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15T Fully Automatic Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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15T Vertical Injection Molding Machine 15T Vertical Injection Molding Machine 15T Vertical Injection Molding Machine 15T Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Product overview

Product name: 15T vertical injection molding machine

Processing sample display:

Suitable for forming and processing of DC plugs and signal wires

Suitable for PVC material, TPE material, PP material, PE material, etc.


1. Fixed die movable upper mold

For the good positioning of the insert, and equipped with the finished product ejection device the finished product is very convenient and easy to take out, the stress distribution is even, the injection pressure protection is accurate, and the whole stroke is smooth and excellent.

2. The lower mold is fixed and the upper mold is mobile, the inserts

have good positioning, and the finished product is automatically ejected

3. Low pressure mold closing device to protect mold and personal safety

4. 2-3-4 section temperature control, stepless adjustment of shooting speed, back pressure and screw speed,suitable for molding various precision plastic parts

5. Single/double slide plates,discs, etc. can be added to improve work safety and work efficiency

6. Low pressure mold closing device

This model is a direct pressure combined mold structure, fast mold clamping, low pressure and slow mold closing, and the machine will automatically open the mold when the mold is abnormal. The unique safety design protects personal safety and protects the mold.

Product details:

1. 103A computer control

2. Motor

3. Back oil gauge

4. Hydraulic motor

Wire harness industry:

5. Led

6. Grid

7. New energy

8. Telecommunication

9. Air conditioner

10. Medical instruments

11. Smart electronic device

12. New energy vehicles

13. Medical instruments

Data sheet:

injection unitscrew diameter22mm26mm
injection pressure2100kg/cm22800kg/cm2
max.shot weight(ps)40g51g
injection rate120mm
screw speed max.0-230turn
nozzle retraction

number of temperature control2snt
claming unitclaming force15tons
platen size470*285mm
distance between tie bere290mm
min.mold height40/100mm
opening stroke200mm
max.open daylight240/300mm
ejetor force1.5tons
power/heading unitmax.hydaulic pressure140kg/m2
pump outpet23/min
pump motor power2.2/3.0HP
berrel heating power2kw
total weight4.2kw
othermachine weight820kg
machine dimension(L*M*H)1.3*0.9*2.3m

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