Semi-Auto Cable Wire Winding And Binding Machine
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Semi-Auto Cable Wire Winding And Binding Machine

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cord winding machine


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Overview introduction:

Products name: Automatic wire winding and binding machine



1. Adjustable speed

2. Adjustable ring diameter

3. Can tie 5000 per hour

4. Note: 18-45 models,the inner diameter of the winding is the same,and the minimum diameter of the wire is 1 8mm Maximum 4 5mm other specifications can be deduced by analogy.

5. LCD SCREEN: Clear display / Easy to read

6. RACK SIT: Made of metal material strong and durable

7. REEL: Use stainless steel reel acid and alkali resistant

8. Tie mouth: Put the wound wire into the tie machine to tie the tape automatically

9. PLC PROGRAM CONTROL: Adjustable cable tie length, automatic cutting cable tie, twisting cable tie



This equipment is suitable for AC power cords, DC power cords, USB data cables, headphone cables, RCA cables, video cables, HDMI high-definition cables and other transmission lines that are twisted into bundles with rubber cores, and can also be used for other purposes such as adhesive tapes. Used for sealing with rubber-coated iron core. This machine can reduce the fatigue strength of employees,improve work efficiency, and save cable ties. Employees only need to put the wire on the winding port to automatically wind the wire, and then put the wire on the binding port, and the machine can automatically tie the tape. This machine can set the cable length, number of turns, the number of coils, the speed of the winding, and the number of production. This machine adopts PLC program control, text display for parameter setting, and the operation is simple and convenient.


Used in industries such as power cords, USB data cables, video cables, network cables, wires, headphone cables, etc., such as clothes hangers, sanitary hoses, etc.

Data Sheet:

Project nameSpecifications
Battery frequency50HZ I 60HZ
Rated power80W
Winding sizeAdjustable(50-200mm、50-250mm)
Winding speedCan be set(1-25 gear)
Number of windingCan be set(1-999 circles)
Scope of applicationTie lengthMaximum diameter range
5-30 type60-150中5-30
Binding speedCan be set(1-3 gear)
Number of bindingCan be set(advice3-5 circles)
TiePE material is recommended for gluing core
Protection deviceFuse, fault alarm stop
Overall dimensions400x320x4 50mm

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