High Speed Small Automatic Binding Coil Winding Machine
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High Speed Small Automatic Binding Coil Winding Machine

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Overview introduction:

Product name: Automatic winding and binding machine



1. Bind figure 8 wire coil

2. Keep the head and tail,head and tail flush,same side of head and tail, keep the head and flush the tail

3. Compatible with a variety of winding styles, strong versatility

4. Full wire double servo motors

5. Winding reel 1000W servo motor + take-up and translation 7 50W servo motor.

6. Take wire translation-double slider

7. cylinder/solenoid valve/pipe

8. Stainless steel guide strap wheel, steel pressure pulley, T-Shaped + arch support

9. Durable, prevent the porcelain wheel from being fragile and cracked, and it is as stable as a rock

10. Standardized independent power distribution cabinet

11. Removable and easy to maintain

12. Air source pressure regulating filter with drainage function  

13. Multiple filtration of impurities and moisture, multiple protection of pneumatic components

14. Stainless steel: Take the wire claw/twisting clawlower claw/winding column/protective cover/steel connector

15. Trachea protective drag chain

16. Durable and effectively protect the trachea)

17. Seven-inch digital touch screen (easy to operate)

18. Manual start button + foot pedal start button

19. Multiple start, fully respect the operator's habits

20. Complete casters and cups

21. Easy to move and protect the ground from scratches

22. Chinese and english bilingual interface, output statistics

23. Simple and convenient parameter setting adjustment

24. Automatic cutting, peeling, winding and binding machine

25. Effect drawing of cutting wire winding and tying wire 

Data Sheet:

Model 1
Applicable wireAC/DC/USB cable
Winding appearanceSmall figure 8 single cable tie
Applicable cable length≤3 m (depending on the type of wire)
Applicable wire diameter≤φ4mm
Voltage requirements210-240V 5A
Winding pitch45-80mm
Machine power≤2000W
Keep the length of the head0-130 mm
Keep the length of the tail>0 mm
Productivity1800pcs/h(Take 3 turns with a wire length of 1 meter, showing the head and tail)
Air pressure requirements0.55-0.65Mpa
Applicable cable tieRubberized iron core
Gas consumptionAir consumption of ordinary peeling machine
Tie weight<7. 5KG
Machine sizeAbout 1040L *720W* 1540H mm
L ap speedCan be adjusted
Machine weightAbout 160KG
Model 2
Applicable wire diameter2.3-5. 5mm (round wire)
Cutting length2-6m
Cutting precision土2mm/m
Winding appearanceCircle double cable tie/single cable tie
Circle inner diameter80-150mm (adjustable)
Peeling methodPeeling at both ends
Head skinning20-60mm土2mm (adjustable)
Keep the head long200-400mm (adjustable)
L aser code position120-1 40 mm from the head
L aser code length100 mm
Tail peeling80- 105mm土2mm (adjustable)
Keep the tail long100-400mm (Random value in interval)
Rod diameter<40mm
Productivity≤400PCS/H (2m)
Productivity≤400PCS/H (5m)
Applicable cable tie Rubberized iron core
Machine power3.5KW/H
Machine sizeAbout 1 900L *750W* 1 900Hmm
Machine weightAbout 480KG


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