Factory Price Plastic Nylon Cable Tie Tying Making Machine
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Factory Price Plastic Nylon Cable Tie Tying Making Machine

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Product overview

Product name: Automatic nylon cable tie machine-automatic induction wiring


1. Automatic cutting, automatic binding,PLC control,Running stability

2. Pour the bulk tie into the vibrating plate, and the tie is arranged in order to automatically feed

3. Scattered tape is automatically sorted.

4. PLC control system, touch screen simplified Chinese, interface convenient operation and perfect protection function.

5. Easy to learn and easy to use nylon straps scattered in the feeding mechanism. One-button operation automatically Complete feeding/winding/tightening/cutting/dumping.

6. Strapping strength can be adjusted freely according to pro- duct needs, strong applicability.

7. The waste material is automatically collected in the waste b-ox through a special recycling system (optional configuration)

8.  It can cooperate with the manipuslator to realize automatic tie belt in the automatic production line, and can also be fixed on the table as a desktop tie belt machine; Straps are not easy to move the product is more prominent.

Processing samples:

It is suitable for packaging of goods, joint of gas-liquid transmission pipe, food packaging, liquid packaging, toy net bag, kitchen and bath room products and other products packaging and fixing.

Product structure:

1. Feed mechanism

2. Transfer orbit

3. Tie buckle

4. Panel

5. Tray

6. Touch screen

7. Power switch

8. Vibrating disk governor

9. Tool

Product Details:

1. LCD control screen

Simple and convenient operation, good stability.

2. Storage Box

Equipping with storage box for easy storage of items

3. Vibrating Feeder

Bulk nylon can be automatically tension and cut off.

Data Sheet:

Product nameAutomatic nylon cable tie machine
Applicable nylon tie60mm/80mm/100mm/120mm/150mm(customized)
Shear residual length1-3m
Cable tie width3-5mm
Maximum tension force15N
Productivity1200-1500 pcs./h
Compressed Air connection0.6MPa
Power supplyAC 220V
WeightAbout 120kg
Bundling diameter reference table
Cable tie lengthMaximum binding diameter

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