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Terminal Crimping Machine | Hexagonal Mold

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Overview introduction:

Product name: Touch screen hexagonal terminal crimping machine



1. 3Q-XB-06D is a hexagonal die-change-free crimping machine, industrial grade control chip with high-precision servo drive, the performance of the whole machine is more stable. Electronic precise positioning, no need to change the tool, instantly change the size of the crossing. The machine is mainly suitable for charging piles, charging guns and new energy distribution. The processing of wiring harnesses such as wiring has high accuracy and can be applied to crimping operations of non-standardized terminals or crimp-type terminals. The whole machine has a compact structure, saves space, and has low working noise. This machine adopts industrial grade control chip, high precision servo drive, electronic precise positioning.


Data Sheet:

Model3Q-XB-06D Mold-free terminal crimping machine
Power supply220V 50Hz
Applicable wire diameter10-240mmi
ClassificationNew energy wiring harness processing equipment
Job formation350mm
Crimp width12.5mm
Crimping ability30tons
Whether customization is supportedCan be customized
Physical dimension500 x 450mm x 450mm
WeightAbout 100kg

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