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Wire Harness Manual Tape Winding Machine

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Product overview

Product name: Hand:held tape winding machine


1. Can complete various tapes for high-quality winding of wire harnesses.

2. Heavy strike-solve the four major problems of the machine

3. Efficient

4. Good stability

5. Easy to learn and understand

6. Easy to operate

7. Solve the difficulty of wire harness winding for the complex wire harness industry

8. Labor time-consuming problem, greatly improved efficiency

9. Tightly wound without wrinkles

10. Tightly wound without wrinkles

11. Fast winding speed

12. Save several times of labor, good winding effect and fast speed

Processing sample display:

On the support frame, with this hand-held device, various tapes can

be used to wind the wire harness with high quality. It is sturdy, light,

easy to operate and not easy to get tired.

Product Analysis:

1. tape buckle

2. Speed setting’

3. Lap setting

4. Emergency button

5. Switch

Data Sheet:

Product nameHand-held tape winding machine
Power Specifications100-240V 50-60HZ
Wire harmess diameterSC35A(8-35MM); SC55(20-55MM)
Winding speed130-400 rpm
Tape specificationsWidth 10-25MM; outer diameter is less than 1 10MM; inner diameter is customized
Machine weightThe handheld part is about 1.5KG; the whole machine is about 4KG (including packaging)

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