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Handheld Wire Harness Taping Machine

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Handheld tape winding machineHandheld tape winding machineHandheld tape winding machineHandheld tape winding machineHandheld tape winding machineHandheld tape winding machine

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Product overview

Product name: Handle Tape Winding Machine


1. Speed can be adjusted

Lefty plus,right minus adjust as needed

2. Portable charging

3. Wide range of applicators

4. Easy to use

5. 6000MH lithium batter

Continuous discharge 5-6h

6. Flexible body design

Handy and convenient easy to understand keys

Applicable wire:

It is suitable for all kinds of tape point winding, and the tape wrapping work after the middle point is crimped. It wraps the tape around the cable periphery, which plays the role of fixation and insulation,and improves the work efficiency of the enterprise.


1. lithium battery version with bound taping machine, through the use of button operation way for efficient winding package plastic wire harness

2. One machine, one kind is used alone after charging, convenient in different field change, the other is a desktop fixed base, plug wire is used

3. Design and dynamic design accord with human body engineering, independent use into configuration belt hang on belt, effectively ease the operator work in the long process of fatigue

4. Adjustable speed, the machine has five gear, 120 speed for 1 minute, can be used according to different requirements set speed

5. High adhesive process is smooth, beautiful appearance is flat and level

6. Machine hidden blade device and emergency braking device, ensure the safety of the operation

Data sheet:

Tape machine (without battery)250*300*280mm weight: 1KG
Battery (without tape machine)6000mh 10-21V-4.0A weight: 0.6KG
Winding speed150rpm 200 rpm 350 rpm 500 rpm
Adhesive tapewidth: 10-25MM
outer diameter: <110MM
inner circle dia: 38mm
type: PVC /Nylon/ Bucky
Winding diameter3MM-35MM

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