Automatic Car Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine
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Automatic Car Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine

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Product overview

Semi-automatic full-wrap tape winding machine


1.PVC tape

2.Duct tape

3.Velvet tape

4.Plush tape

5.Acetate tape

6.Masking tape

7.Foil tape .

8.Transparent tape

Processing sample display:

Suitable for various types of tape winding wire

1.Control panel Concise and clear, adjustable

speed, step less transmission

adjustment, positive and negative

control operation, easy to


2.Thread clamping device The length can be adjusted

and fixed according to the wire,

keeping it flat, no wrinkles,

and accurate tape delivery

3.Belt conveyor roller

High-quality rubber synchronous

belt and synchronous roller

wheel to improve service life

and stability

4.Fixed plate rack Suitable for all types of adhesive

tapes, smooth feeding, stable

and efficient molding for complex

wiring harnesses, improving

production efficiency

Product analysis

1. Switch

2. Positive and negative switch

3. Speed adjustment

4. Belt conveyor roller

5. Wire clamping pliers

6. Length adjustment fixing frame

Model comparison param

numberMachine length mmApplicable wire mmRemarks
11300 length model750Standard machine
2800 length model200Custom machine
31800 length model1200Custom machine
42600 length model2000Custom machine
53600 length model3000Custom machine
66000 length model5400Custom machine

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