Taping Machine for Wire Harness
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Taping Machine for Wire Harness

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Overview introduction

Product name: Automatic tape winding machine



1. Automatic wire traction function

2. Suitable for velveteen tape/acetic acid tape/electrical tape/polyester tape, etc.

3. Full wrapping: The tape overlaps the whole wire harness, and the area of the tape overlaps can be adjusted. For example, the adhesive tape overlaps by half, one third and one fourth.

4. Point wrapping: The tape is wound at one point of the wiring harness according to the number of turns. The number of turns can be set as one, two or more.

5. Transposed wrapping: When the tape is wound on the wire harness, it is not overlapped and separated for a certain distance, and the interval distance is adjustable.

6. Spiraling winding: Wire diameter up to中40mm

7. Winding without fold: The winding is smooth without fold, and the length and number of turns of adhesive tape can be adjusted

8. Processing Sample Display: Suitable for velveteen tape, acetate tape, electrical tape, polyester

tape, etc.High proccessing speed and good quality.

9. Details Display: High quality starts with details !

10. Intelligent control system: Intelligent CNC can be set conveniently and adjustable


11. Winding device: It can be wound according to different kinds of wires harnesses to realize the switching of different forms of winding methods,which is stability and improved product quality.

12. Automatic traction wheel design: The traction wheel has the function of automatic pulling wire, so that the winding is smooth and even,which no need to pull the wire manually.

13. Safety shield: The safety shield will open or close automatically when worker operate the machine,it is very convenient.

14. Feeding wire port: The circular feeding port design conforms to the shape of the

worker's hand when holding the wire, which improves the production efficiency and is not easy to make mistakes.


Data Sheet:

NameAutomatic tape winding machine
Winding lengthNo fixed length, unlimited
Tape width5~25mm( Customizable other size )
Wire diameter<40mm
Motor speed300~2500R/Min,continuously adjustable
Wrapping modeSpiraling
Work efficiency130 R/Min
Power supplyAC220V 50/60HZ
FunctionFull wrapping, Point wrapping,Transposed wrapping

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