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Tube Terminal Crimping Machine

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Overview introduction:

Product name: Tube terminal crimping machine


1. No need to change mold

2. 6 core advantages

3. Good quality and good products are the last word !

4. Large and small terminals. No need to change mold

5. Automatic feeding. Easy to change

6. Quick crimping, CNC peeling

7. Efficient production capacity. Simple maintenance

8. Closed induction. All in one

9. Twisting function. Won't reverse wire

10. Equipped with fixture

11. Equipped with various types of fixtures

12. The fixture box in the accessories is equipped with various types of fixtures for easy handling

13. A variety of terminals of different specifications are crimped, and the replacement of the fixture is simple and quick

14. No need to change molds for large and small terminals

15. Suitable for crimping a variety of round single-grain terminals and wires

16. There is no need to change the mold for terminals within 4.0 square meters


Data Sheet:

Equipment nameTube terminal machine
Crimping range0.3 square to 4 square, maximum crimp length 12MM
Crimp shapeQuadrilateral/Hexagon/Four-sided single-sided riveting
Stripping lengthThe shortest sheath wire stripping range is 40MM
Working environment0-50 degrees, moderate dry environment
PowerAC220V/50/60HZ 400W
Storage100 kinds of cable crimping data
Crimping deviceMotor drive, program control of crimping force
Thread clamping deviceMotor drive, program control of clamping force
Drive wayMotor/imported ball screw
Way to controlProgrammable Controllers
Total Weight68KG
Production efficiency1000-1300PCS/hour

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