Double Head Sheathed wire Crimping Machine
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Double Head Sheathed wire Crimping Machine

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wire stripping machine


Overview introduction:

Product name: Fully automatic double-head terminal machine



1. stripping/single-end

2. crimping/ multi-section

3. twisting/single-end

4. stripping

5. The latest 32-bit Cortex-M3 core processor of the control system + large-capacity FPGA logic

processing chip dual-core architecture, combined with a 7-inch Delta industrial touch screen, is

easy to operate, powerful, and stable;

6. With 4-wheel drive, the contact area between the roller and the wire is larger, the wire feeding is stable, and the length is accurate;

7. The control system is highly integrated, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the system!

8. Equipped with a large-capacity memory, which can save 100 groups of parameters at the same

time, which is convenient for operation;

9. Fully automatic computer adjustment of the knife, debugging is more convenient;

10. The terminal crimping machine adopts frequency conversion drive, which is more energy-saving and quieter;

11. Touch screen: using Touch screen operation, all parameter can be set here, monitoring the machine’s operation at any time.

12. Treplaceable mold: using touch screen operation, all parameters can be set here. Monitoring operation at any time.

13. Manipulator: The manipulator takes the thread instead of labor, and pays the thread neatly and fast

14. Control board: circuit box, eight-generation core processor, 64-bit intelligent control system, fast running speed.


Data Sheet: 

Mechanical functionWire cutting, single-ended stripping, double-ended stripping
physical dimension800* 830* 1530MM
Machine weight315KG (including wooden box packaging)
Display methodColor LCD touch screen
Operation modeAutomatic operation + manual operation
Knife adjustment methodElectric knife adjustment
Tool materialSweden ASP60 powder high speed steel
Pneumatic accessories Original Airtac
Screw guideOriginal Taiwan Shanghai Bank
Cutting toleranceRange of variation 1MM+cut length*0.2% or less
Cutting length 45-9999mm
Stripping length1.5- 10mm
Applicable wireAWG18-28#
Cutting speed6500pcs/hour (within 100MM in length)
Processing capacity4500 pieces/hour (within 100MM in length)
Terminal pressureStandard 2.0T (other crimping force needs to be customized)
air pressure
air pressure5.0KG (requires stable, dry air)
Detection deviceThe presence of terminals, wires, crimping detection,
air pressure detection, etc.
Configure powerAC220V
rated power2.5KW


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