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Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

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Overview Introduction:

Product Name: Automatic Computer Pipe Cutting Machine


1. Durable

2. Stable

3. High quality

4. Time saving

5. Reliable: From the switch to the protective cover, all designs are based on safety.

6. Effectiveness: 80 pieces can be cut per minute .(take 50MM as an example)

7. Accuracy: 0.1mm High-efficiency feeding microcomputer program control accuracy up to 0.1 mm.

8. Simplicity: All Chinese LCD large screen display operation is clear at a glance, concise and convenient.

9. LCD SCREEN: Multi-function button control panel, LCD display easy to adjust various parameters, With backlight, clear display

10. Guide strip: Convenient to fix the material to avoid deviation of the material during feeding.

11. Cooling fan: Prevent the machine from heating up and extend the life of the machine.

12. Sharp blade: High-speed steel blades, high sharpness smooth material cuts, no burrs.

13. Feed roller: Compression, wear resistance high temperature resistance,it can also reduce cutting errors. 

14. Hopper warehouse: The discharge port prevents direct contact and hand injury.

15. Press wheel: Pressing the material parallel to the plane reduces the friction damage of the material.

16. Pressure regulating screw: Cutting precision can be controlled by controlling the pressure of feeding drum


The D90 computerized pipe cutting machine is a new upgraded version. It has a wide range of applications and can cut all kinds of thin and thick materials. Such as copper wire, aluminum sheet, aluminum wire, steel Wire rope, stainless steel wire, cable, heat shrinkable tube, battery casing various nylon tubes, double wall tubes, PVC hoses, latex tubes, rubber tubes, etc.

Complete accessories:

1. Power cable

2. Bracket rod

3. Hexagonal plate

4. Clamping screw

5. Clamping plate

6. Bracket arm

Data Sheet 

NameD90 Computerized Pipe Cutting
Display interfaceL .CD Chinese character LCD screen LCD
Boundary dimension450x 290x 300mm
Power supplyAC 220V/50HZ
Cut length1-9999.9mm
Cut-off toleranceL +0.002x2%
Knife materialHigh speed steel
Carton size480x 350x400mm

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