Automatic Corrugated Pipe Cutting Machine
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Automatic Corrugated Pipe Cutting Machine

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Corrugated pipe cutting machineCorrugated pipe cutting machineCorrugated pipe cutting machineCorrugated pipe cutting machine

Corrugated pipe cutting machine



Overview introduction:

Product name: Automatic corrugated pipe cutting machine


Pipe cutting effect widely used: Suitable for automotive wiring harnesses, new energy wiring harnesses, aerospace, motor cars, urban rail transit, high-voltage electrical cabinets, etc.


Powerful function

1. This machine can be used to cut round plastic hoses and corrugated pipes, with high processing efficiency

2. Highly PLC control, simple operation

3. Efficient and fast

4. Belt feeding

5. PLC control

6. Easy to use

Efficient cutting seiko manufacturing

1. The accuracy can reach 0.1mm, and it can cut a variety of tube types

2. Low noise, low energy consumption, high precision

3. Strong power is the root speed

Product details

1. Feeding wheel parts

2. Dissecting device components

3. Accurately cut peaks

4. Integrated circuit

Good product come from high standards

Data sheet:

Cutting diameter00-40MM
Power supply220V 50-60HZ
Cut-off methodmotor cut-off
Cutting length0. 1-9999.9MM
Length errorcut length +1%
Size650*480*420MM (70KG)
Speed60-210 per minute

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