Where is the automatic upgrading road of harness processing equipment?
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Where is the automatic upgrading road of harness processing equipment?

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 With the clearer market demand, the change and improvement of the technical level of new energy vehicles, the enhancement of vehicle performance and the improvement of battery and motor supporting services, the new energy vehicle industry, especially China's new energy vehicle industry, is expected to usher in the second wave of high-speed development. The rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought new opportunities for the upgrading of automotive harness technology, gradually transforming the domestic automotive harness Market from a low-cost strategic market to a more cost-effective market with higher technical content. At the same time, it has also promoted the vigorous development of the harness industry and triggered a new round of upgrading wave of harness technology, processing technology and processing equipment. 

Market analysis of wire harness processing equipment at home and abroad

Generally speaking, the processing of wire harness is a very mature industry. However, this industry, which has been for more than 30 years, is still restricted by labor and skilled workers“ "Low cost" manpower processing is not the main factor to attract customers in the current manufacturing industry. Especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, which requires high consistency, more and more mechanical intervention and fewer manual links make the efficiency, yield, consistency and comprehensive cost reach a new height. How to improve the proportion of automatic production and mechanical manufacturing, rather than turning around in the labor production mode, has become a new topic in the wire harness processing industry.

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