Working principle and operating procedures of Pipe cutter machine
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Working principle and operating procedures of Pipe cutter machine

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Working principle and operating procedures of Pipe cutter machine

When buying a Pipe cutter machine, you must also understand its purpose: the Pipe cutting machine is widely used in the handle industry and other stainless steel pipe cutting and chamfering automatic pipe opening applications. A Pipe cutter machine is used for the processes of automatic feeding, cutting, and chamfering. One person manages multiple machines, which reduces labor intensity and saves personnel. Next, let's take a look at the working principle and operating procedures of the Pipe cutter machine. Here are some answers.



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  • The working principle of the Pipe cutter machine.

  • The operating procedures of the Pipe cutter machine.

The working principle of the Pipe cutter machine.

The Pipe cutter machine is through the cooperation of computer and hydraulic, the electric system controls the direction of the oil circuit of the hydraulic system and pushes the carriage to make a straight and reciprocating movement. The microcomputer will follow the tool path programmed by the user. During the reciprocating motion, the signal detected from the carriage limit is used as the basis to control and change the oil circuit movement, to achieve the expected tool path.

The electric pipe cutter machine can automatically clamp, feed, feed, size setting, stop at a fixed number, and work measurement. The main circuit of the machine adopts PLC programmable logic controller to work. Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, cutting 10-50 times per minute. The counter can set the number of cutting times, and it will stop automatically after cutting. There is no need for manual operation at all, higher mechatronics, and even one person can operate multiple machines, reducing the number of employees. The servo rotary pipe cutter machine is used to ensure the accuracy of the pipe length within plus or minus 0.05mm (the error mainly occurs in the steel pipe and the cutter Above), the cut is shiny and has no burrs.

The operating procedures of the Pipe cutter machine.

Check whether the saw blade is in good condition before starting the machine, and replace it if there is a cut or crack. In addition, it is necessary to replace the corresponding positioning pin and guide sleeve according to the specifications of the high-pressure hose. Turn on the power of the Pipe cutter machine and start the motor, insert the cut high-voltage hose into the replaced guide sleeve, pull the knife-shaped handle to drive the hose into the saw blade, the hose is cut off, and when the slide plate is reset, rely on two the tension spring is pulled back to its original position. Then, insert the inner hole of the cut rubber tube into the positioning pin shaft. When the saw blade rotates, a slit is cut at the place where the rubber is to be stripped to ensure a good glue braking effect when the rubber tube is stripped. After the pipe cutter works, the power supply must be cut off.

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