Wire cutting machine operating procedures and lubrication maintenance
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Wire cutting machine operating procedures and lubrication maintenance

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Wire cutting machine operating procedures and lubrication maintenance

Before the Wire cutting machine changes, we must understand the lubrication system of the small wire cutting machine to ensure that each part is fully lubricated to ensure the service life and cutting quality of the machine. So next, let's take a look at the operating procedures and lubrication maintenance of the Wire cutting machine. Here are some answers.


Here is the content list:

  • How does the Wire cutting machine operate?

  • How should the wire cutting machine be lubricated and maintained?

How does the Wire cutting machine operate?

First, check the switch knob to turn on the AC power supply, turn on the high voltage switch after turning on the power switch, and wait 5 minutes before connecting to the negative line. Second, check whether the output data of the stabilized power supply and the neon lamp are normal. After inputting the information for 5 minutes, perform a trial operation and wait for normal processing before processing. Third, the high-frequency power switch should be placed in the off position before processing, and it can be turned on when the molybdenum wire is running and should be kept at 60-80 volts. Fourth, the hot wire cutting machine should add coolant when cutting. When the molybdenum wire touches the workpiece, check whether the voltage and electro-hydraulic value of the high-frequency power supply are normal. Do not process under arcing. Fifth, when the Wire cutting machine fails, immediately turn off the high-frequency power supply and analyze the cause. No other items, especially metal equipment, are allowed to be placed in the electrical box. Sixth, it is forbidden to touch the electrode wire or workpiece with hands or conductors, nor to touch switches or other electrical parts with wet hands.

How should the wire cutting machine be lubricated and maintained?

Under normal circumstances, the Wire cutting machine is designed with oil cups and oil holes. These are the lubrication systems that require manual operation of the machine tool, so manual operation will inevitably have some precautions, so we must implement it by the regulations to ensure the best performance of the machine tool. The machine tool needs to be cleaned before being out of service. After more than eight hours, the machine tool must be wiped clean and the Wire cutting machine tool must be smeared with anti-rust oil. The conductive wheel and wire wheel of the automated wire cutting machine also need to be cleaned. Kerosene is used for wiping, and after wiping, it must not be cleaned and cannot be left in the sink.

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