What is the use of a pipe cutting machine?
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What is the use of a pipe cutting machine?

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What is the use of a pipe cutting machine?

The cutting range of the pipe cutting machine is 75-1000 mm. The wall thickness of the cutting tube is 3mm. The pipe cutter is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to operate in the field. You can use it to cut steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and composite pipes.

How to use the pipe cutting machine correctly?

Inspection of the pipe cutting machine before switching on

1 Check that the saw blade is in good condition and replace it if it is chipped or torn.

2 According to the specification of the high pressure hose replace the corresponding positioning pin and guide sleeve.


1 Turn on the motor of the pipe cutting machine and start it.

2 Insert the high pressure hose to be cut into the replaced guide sleeve and pull the knife handle to drive the hose into the saw blade, then the hose will be cut off. When resetting the slide plate, it is pulled back to its original position by two tension springs.

3 Insert the inner hole of the cut rubber hose into the shaft of the positioning pin. When the saw blade rotates, a seam is cut at the place where the rubber is to be peeled off to ensure good glue breaking effect when peeling off the rubber hose.

4 After work, the power supply must be cut off.

What types of pipe cutting machines are in use on the market?

Manual pipe cutting machine

The high strength European style machine head, equipped with high efficiency worm and worm gear drive, makes the aluminum cutting speed high, with no noise, no burrs. The feed adopts manual mode, the machine head can be rotated 45° to the left and right, the angle is clearly marked, and the 45° -90-45° reference column is added to facilitate the adjustment, equipped with a manual two-way clamp, automatic cooling system and manual debug stop.

Pneumatic tube cutting machine

The double-sided two-way clamps of the pneumatic pipe cutting machine make the workpiece smooth and the cutting surface smooth without burrs. Low noise and environmentally friendly when sawing. The cut is precise and the speed is higher than with band saws and band saws. At the same time, the cutting surface is smooth and does not generate heat, which saves post-processing. The machine head can be adjusted left and right for chamfering or milling. The angle is accurate and the tube cuts perfectly. The recirculating cooling system with an extra large capacity oil storage barrel ensures the life of the saw blade and a smooth cutting surface.

What are the precautions for using the pipe cutting machine?

1. The spindle shift of the pipe cutting machine must be done after parking. The gears should be fully engaged when shifting. If the machine tool is found to be abnormal, stop the machine for inspection immediately.

2. Before cutting, set the tool and clamp the workpiece. The length of the clamping part must not be less than 50 mm. The parking baffle should be fixed, and the work can only be carried out after the sequence check of spans, loosening, forward and backward.

3. When the machine tool rotates, no part of the human body should touch the transmission parts. Tie the cuffs during operation, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves at work. The human head should deviate from the cutting direction.

4. When changing the tool, measuring the workpiece, lubricating and cleaning the pipe head, it must be stopped.

5. When cutting the pipe head, it is necessary to prevent the pipe head from flying out and injuring people.

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