What is the use of Stripping Machine?
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What is the use of Stripping Machine?

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What is the use of Stripping Machine?

A Stripping Machine is a machine that strips the plastic sheath and metal core of waste wires. The apertures of different sizes on the machine are suitable for waste wires of different thicknesses, ranging from rubber sheathed cables for industrial electricity to small square copper wires, suitable for the processing of wires, cables and sheathed wires.

  • What is the importance of Stripping Machine?

  • What are the features and functions of Stripping Machine?

  • What are the parts of the Stripping Machine?

What is the importance of Stripping Machine?

With the development of science and technology, the manufacturing industry has transformed from low-efficiency manual production to automated production, and Stripping Machine is a high-tech processing equipment born for the wire and cable industry wire harness processing. Converted to automatic wire stripping. Stripping Machine is mainly used to strip the protective layer on the outside of the processed wire wire, which improves production efficiency and accuracy compared to traditional methods, and is widely used in automotive wiring harness processing, aerospace wire processing, audio and data cable processing , Dismantling and recycling of waste wires and other industries.

What are the features and functions of Stripping Machine?


1. Efficient

2. Stable

3. Durable

4. Labor saving

5. Blade adjustment: turn the knob to adjust the blade height

6. High quality motor: The motor can be customized according to your requirements

Stripping Machines are designed to strip all kinds of wire: copper, single-core, multi-core, aluminum, sheet cable, flat wire, and more. Metals such as copper, aluminium or steel can be recovered after being processed by the cable stripper. Stripping Machine is suitable for all kinds of wire, monofilament and filament-free optical cable. The daily output is around 200kg-1000kg. Stripping Machine's peel-strength thread skin is very clean. For electronic wire, silicone wire, isolation wire, copper axis, glass brazing wire, casing and other fully automatic cutting, peeling, half-stripping, middle-stripping functions, the wire specification and size can be changed instantly. During the processing process, when the wire is used up It will take the initiative to stop and alarm, so that your processing has no worries.

What are the parts of the Stripping Machine?

1. Outlet pulley clearance adjustment knob: Adjust the outlet pulley clearance for Stripping Machine, rotate upward to increase the clearance, and rotate downward to decrease the clearance (adjusted according to the thickness of the wire).

2. Outlet wheel pressure adjustment knob: Adjust the outlet wheel pressure for Stripping Machine. After pulling it out, turn it counterclockwise to increase the outlet wheel pressure. After pulling it out, rotate it clockwise to reduce the inlet wheel pressure. (It is determined according to the strength of the wire skin of the wire, that is, the difficulty of stripping the wire skin of the Stripping Machine, the pressure increases when it is difficult, and the pressure decreases when it is easy)

3. Lifting knob of thread outlet pulley: Raise the thread outlet roller when taking out the wire, turn the knob counterclockwise to lift the thread outlet roller, so that the wire can be taken out smoothly; put down the thread outlet roller when working, and turn the knob clockwise to lower the thread outlet roller. (When using the short stripping procedure, the outlet pulley should be raised)

4. Tool holder assembly: In the Stripping Machine, it is responsible for cutting, stripping the head and tail of the wire. When the machine is stopped, the upper and lower blades need to be opened to the maximum so that the wire can pass through the tool smoothly.

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