What is the meaning of Machine Accessories?
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What is the meaning of Machine Accessories?

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What is the meaning of Machine Accessories?

Machine Accessories refer to loose terminals, copper terminals, cold press connectors, blades, spades, terminals, and crimp knives for applicators. It includes cold-pressed single grain terminal machine blade, DC terminal stripping machine blade and special blade for terminal machine.

  • What are the characteristics of Machine Accessories?

  • How to customize Machine Accessories?

  • How to properly maintain Machine Accessories?

What are the characteristics of Machine Accessories?

1. Riveting 500,000 times

2. Dot seconds

3. Ten days of rest and return

4. Four advantages are trustworthy

5. Are you impressed by the high quality and low price?

6. Imported steel

7. Durable

8. Support customization

9. Ten days return

10. Select high-quality DC53 steel: high-quality DC53 steel is selected from high-quality DC53 steel. Each piece of steel will be strictly tested before processing to ensure the quality of the steel.

11. Niton, USA

12. Spectrometer

13. Test Materials

How to customize Machine Accessories?

Please let us know the blade size, upper and lower blades, inner and outer blades you use, and you must tell us the parameters truthfully so that you can customize the appropriate Machine Accessories.

Please send us your terminal drawing pictures and data, or you can measure it. Considering the high precision, we prefer to receive drawings. thanks.

Please provide us with 10-20 terminal samples. If you have terminal suppliers in China, you can ask them to ship directly to our factory. thanks.


How to properly maintain Machine Accessories?

The first-level maintenance of Machine Accessories refers to the daily maintenance of Machine Accessories by operators during production, which mainly includes cleaning, lubrication and inspection.

A. Maintenance during mold installation:

1. Before the mold is installed, the upper and lower surfaces of Machine Accessories should be cleaned and wiped to ensure that the mold installation surface and the press work surface are free from pressure injuries and the parallelism of the upper and lower installation surfaces of the mold during production.

2. After the Machine Accessories are installed, open the mold and clean all parts of the mold, especially the guide mechanism. For the surface part mold, the surface should be cleaned to ensure the quality of the part.

3. Lubricate and apply grease to the sliding parts of Machine Accessories.

4. Inspection of all parts of Machine Accessories, especially safety parts. Such as safety side pins, safety screws, side guards, punching waste channels, etc.

B. Maintenance in production:

1. Regularly oil the corresponding parts of Machine Accessories during production. Such as the pressing ring and fillet of the drawing die; the edge part of the trimming die; the part of the flanging knife block, etc.

2. Regularly clean up the waste channel of the small hole of the trimming punching die.

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