What are the working characteristics of the Soldering Machine?
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What are the working characteristics of the Soldering Machine?

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What are the working characteristics of the Soldering Machine?

The Soldering Machine is a mechanical device equipped with a large-sized transparent window, which can observe the entire welding process, which plays a very important role in product development and process curve optimization. The temperature control adopts high-precision intuitive intelligent controller, programmable perfect curve control, precise temperature control, simple parameter setting and easy operation. It can complete single and double-sided PCB board welding of all package forms such as CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, etc.

  • How does the Soldering Machine work?

  • What are the tips for using the Soldering Machine?

  • Why should the surface of the Soldering Machine be clean?

How does the Soldering Machine work?

In the definition of Soldering Machine, it can be found that "wetting" is the protagonist in the soldering process. The so-called welding is the use of liquid "solder" to wet the substrate to achieve the effect of bonding. This phenomenon is like pouring water on a solid surface, except that the weld solidifies into a joint as the temperature decreases. When the solder is wetted on the substrate, in theory, the two will be bonded by metal chemical bonds to form a continuous bond, but in practice, the substrate will be eroded by the air and the surrounding environment, forming a Layer oxide film to block "solder", so that it cannot achieve better wetting effect. The phenomenon is like pouring water on a greased pan, the water can only gather in some places, but cannot be evenly distributed on the pan. If the oxide film on the surface of the substrate cannot be removed, even if it is barely stained with "solder", its bonding strength is still very weak.

Soldering Machine case

What are the tips for using the Soldering Machine?

Soldering Machine welding technology is a basic technology that radio enthusiasts must master, and it takes a lot of practice to master it.

1. Select the appropriate solder, and the low melting point solder wire for welding electronic components should be selected.

2. Flux, dissolve 25% rosin in 75% alcohol (weight ratio) as flux.

3. The Soldering Machine should be tinned before use. The specific method is to heat the electric soldering iron. When the soldering tin can just be melted, apply flux, and then apply the soldering tin evenly on the soldering iron tip, so that the soldering iron tip is evenly eaten. A layer of tin.

4. Soldering Machine welding method, clean the pads and the pins of the components with fine sandpaper, and apply flux. Dip an appropriate amount of solder with a soldering iron tip and touch the solder joints. After the solder on the solder joints is completely melted and immersed in the component leads, the electric soldering iron tip gently lifts up along the pins of the components to leave the solder joints.

Why should the surface of the Soldering Machine be clean?

When the metal sheet is very clean, water will wet its surface. Therefore, when the "solder surface" and "metal surface" are also very clean, the solder will wet the metal surface as well, which requires far more cleanliness than water. The metal sheet is much higher because there must be a tight connection between the Soldering Machine and the metal, otherwise a very thin oxide layer will immediately form between them. Unfortunately, almost all metals oxidize immediately when exposed to air, and this very thin oxide layer prevents the wetting of the solder on the metal surface.

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