Product structure and operating procedures of wire cutting machine
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Product structure and operating procedures of wire cutting machine

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Product structure and operating procedures of wire cutting machine

Wire cutting machine is mainly composed of three parts: machine tool, numerical control system, and high-frequency power supply. The numerical control system is composed of a single-chip microcomputer, a keyboard, and a frequency conversion detection system. It has the main functions of gap compensation, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, and automatic processing of broken wires. Next, let's take a look at the product structure and operating procedures of the hot wire cutting machine. Here are some answers.

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  • The product structure of the Wire cutting machine.

  • Operating procedures of Wire cutting machine.

The product structure of the Wire cutting machine.

The Wire cutting machine is composed of a bed, wire storage mechanism, wireframe, XY table, fuel tank, and other parts. The molybdenum wire wound on the wire storage drum makes high-speed reciprocating movement through the wireframe, and the workpiece is fixed on the XY worktable, and the movement in the X and Y directions is controlled by a stepping motor. Each time the numerical control system sends out a signal, the stepper motor takes one step and drives the screw in two directions through the intermediate transmission mechanism to make the X and Y worktables feed.

Operating procedures of Wire cutting machine.

To ensure the quality of practical teaching, standardize the use of experimental equipment, and avoid small wire cutting machine and personal accidents, this regulation is formulated: first, you should fully understand the performance, structure, and correct operation steps of the machine before starting the machine. Second, check whether the machine, the limit switch, and the reversing switch are safe and reliable, and it is not allowed to work with faults. Third, it should be processed within the allowable specifications of the Wire cutting machine, and do not work with overweight or over-travel. The maximum load-bearing weight of the worktable is 120kg. Fourth, the specified lubricating oil or grease should be injected into the lubrication part regularly according to the regulations. To ensure the flexible operation of the mechanism, especially the reverser and the bearing, regular inspection and replacement (tentatively scheduled for half a year).Fifth, before processing, check whether the working fluid in the working fluid tank is sufficient, whether the water pipes and nozzles are unblocked, and there should be no blockage. Sixth, check whether the program coordinate direction is consistent with the workpiece installation coordinate direction. Seventh, it is forbidden to touch the workpiece and wireframe during processing to avoid electric shock. Eighth, the working area should be cleaned up at the end of processing, and the fixtures and accessories should be wiped clean and put back into the toolbox and kept intact. Ninth, check the reliability of the electrical appliances and performance of the automated wire cutting machine regularly and clean up dust to prevent metal objects from falling in. Tenth, it is forbidden to plug or unplug the floppy disk when the drive is working.

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