Pipe cutter machine product description and maintenance
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Pipe cutter machine product description and maintenance

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Pipe cutter machine product description and maintenance

A Pipe cutter machine is the most common type of equipment in real life. If such equipment needs to be maintained, I believe most people have their ideas. How to effectively maintain the rotary pipe cutter machine? Let's take a look at the product description and maintenance of the Pipe cutter machine. Here are some answers.

Pipe cutter machine
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Here is the content list:

  • Product description of Pipe cutter machine.

  • How to maintain the Pipe cutter machine?

Product description of Pipe cutter machine.

The cutting range of the super large ventilation Pipe cutter is: 75-1000mm, and the cutting pipe wall thickness is: 3mm. The Pipe cutter machine has the functions of lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient on-site operation. You can use the Pipe cutter machine to cut steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, and multilayer pipes.

How to maintain the Pipe cutter machine?

Pipe cutter machine maintenance is mainly divided into two parts: daily inspection and maintenance and repair and maintenance. Daily inspection and maintenance are mainly carried out by the Pipe cutter machine user or equipment department during the normal production process or after production, and the maintenance needs to be regular and punctual. The maintenance work is mainly carried out by the maintenance personnel of the Pipe cutter machine manufacturer, and this is also the most important part of the maintenance.

First, when we need to carry out the actual maintenance of the electric pipe cutter machine, to ensure the original service life of the entire equipment, it is recommended that you must apply the red dots in various places of the machine before starting the machine. For different kinds of special oil, the machine must be rotated in a clockwise direction, and cannot be reversed, to avoid the original failure of damaging the mechanical parts. Second, we must use the correct voltage when using the Pipe cutter machine. The error range of the input voltage should be within 10 volts, and the entire machine must be properly grounded so that the maximum can be avoided. The degree of injury. Third, if you want to debug the entire Pipe cutter machine, then everyone must pay attention to it. During the process of use, it is best to turn off the power before adjusting, and unplug the plug, and ensure safety. Do not let some non-operating personnel approach. Fourth, when the temperature is relatively low, the butter in the machine may freeze. We must use the hole position of the manual knife to insert various wrenches, and we must aim in this direction. To go around in different places, add some room temperature oil to the lubrication position, and slowly go around to a place where the knife edge is smooth so that you can.

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