Maintenance method of wire stripping machine
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Maintenance method of wire stripping machine

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Maintenance method of wire stripping machine

The maintenance of the wire stripping machine is particularly important for the long-term application of the machine. Improper maintenance can cause abnormalities in the work of the machine and accelerate the embrittlement of the machine, and improper maintenance can even cause inevitable damage to the machine. Therefore, Proper maintenance of the industrial wire stripping machine is a professional skill that every vehicle wiring harness manufacturer should have. Today I will share the maintenance methods of the wire stripping machine with everyone. Here are some answers.


Here is the content list:

  • Care before application

  • In-app maintenance

  • Care after application

  • Replace the blade

Care before application

When using a wire stripping machine, maintain dry and natural ventilation in the office environment. In a wet and cold natural environment, it is very easy to short-circuit the power supply circuit, burn the switching power supply controller and it is very easy to cause the photosensitive sensor switch to sometimes fail to magnetic induction, causing the stripping machine to suddenly stop during work or the motor to stay in one direction for fitness exercise.

In-app maintenance

If you want to change the production and processing specifications in the application, do not immediately turn off the switching power supply, you should manually press the stop button and then set the statistical data again. Try not to pull the wire on the lathe tool holder and the hose immediately with the wire stripping machine.

Care after application

After each application of the wire stripping machine, the operator uses a small brush or air gun to clean the dirt on the generator and the clamping jaws. Pay attention when cleaning with the air gun and blow from the cutter's head to the direction of the clamping jaws. According to the length of time, the electric stripping machine is used every day, open the main box every 10 to 15 days, use rags to remove the wire skin inside, and add unsalted butter on the three screw nuts and cutter head rolling bearings.

Replace the blade

First, after resetting the wire stripping machine, enter the manual mode, set the manual forward/backward side to 1500-2000, and click the manual backward to return the cutter head to a convenient and practical position. Second, remove the springs on both sides of the cutter head, and then remove the tooling jig of the clothing blade. Remove the old blade and install the new blade in the same shape as the blade. When installing the blade into the jig, ensure that it is clean and smooth. Third, pay attention to the electronic wire stripping machine when installing the tooling fixture. The markings on the tooling fixture and the cutter head (A to A, B to B) cannot be reversed, and then install the spring leaf and enter the manual reset.

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