Introduction to the hydraulic crimping machine.
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Introduction to the hydraulic crimping machine.

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Introduction to the hydraulic crimping machine.

The hydraulic crimping machine chooses high-carbon steel material and is processed by a CNC computer, which is of high quality and has strong tensile strength. The mold of the Crimping Machine can calculate the compression ratio according to the object to be pressed. In outdoor construction, the benchtop crimping machine can be equipped with an engine generator or engine pump. Each operation takes only 8-12 seconds, and the construction is the fastest and safest. The tools are manufactured by national standards, with CNC wire cutting size standards, with precise accuracy. Let's take a look at the relevant introduction of the hydraulic crimping machine. Here are some answers.

hydraulic crimping machine
hydraulic crimping machine

Here is the content list:

  • What is a hydraulic crimping machine?

  • Introduce the hydraulic pump station of the hydraulic crimping machine.

What is a hydraulic crimping machine?

The large cross-section conductor of 1250m㎡ in the UHV grid transmission is the largest cross-section conductor suitable for domestic overhead lines. The research work on its supporting construction tools and equipment has been fully carried out. The development of its supporting hardware and sizing equipment will improve the power transmission of China’s overhead lines. The overall technical level and comprehensive competitiveness of the company. The automatic crimping machine is a kind of special hydraulic equipment for the construction or maintenance of power transmission lines, and the crimping of wires or steel strands and connecting pipes. The crimping force of the hydraulic crimping machine commonly used in domestic transmission lines is below 300T, and the crimping modulus for 1250mm cross-section conductors needs at least 5 molds. The 600T-ton hydraulic crimping machine studied has achieved 2-mold crimping, an increase of 1250mm. Tension resistance and continuous crimping efficiency and crimping quality for large cross-section conductors reduce construction costs.

Introduce the hydraulic pump station of the hydraulic crimping machine.

The 600T hydraulic crimping machine was introduced. For 125m㎡ large cross-section conductors, aluminum tubes with tensile or splice tubes were used to achieve 2-mold crimping to improve the crimping efficiency and crimping quality of the construction. Analyze the parameter specifications and performance of various hydraulic pumping stations in the market, and combine the characteristics of the 600T hydraulic crimping machine for the 1250m㎡ cross-section wire, and select the appropriate pumping station oil pressure. For large-tonnage joint crimping machines, the cylinder diameter is larger, which increases the hydraulic oil flow rate, realizes quick oil filling of the cylinder, and improves the crimping efficiency. Based on this, select the appropriate hydraulic oil flow rate. Choose a suitable power source and oil cooling system, and finally determine the development of a hydraulic pump station that meets the needs.

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