Introduction of Crimping Machine equipment
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Introduction of Crimping Machine equipment

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Introduction of Crimping Machine equipment

There are two types of Crimping Machine, domestic and foreign. The price of a domestic Crimping Machine is several hundred cheaper, but the performance is not very good. A few thousand can be in line with international standards. The cheapest foreign hydraulic crimping machines are thousands of dollars, with good performance. Next, let's take a look at the relevant introduction of Crimping Machine equipment. Here are some answers.


Cast iron terminal crimping machine


Application of crimping machine

Here is the content list:

  • The role of Crimping Machine.

  • Features of Crimping Machine.

  • The advancement and innovation of Crimping Machine equipment.

The role of Crimping Machine.

Crimping Machine is a necessary tool for wire splicing and crimping in the power industry's infrastructure construction and line maintenance. The Crimping Machine is divided into hydraulic crimping machine, large-tonnage crimping machine (punch), insulated terminal crimping machine, crimping pliers, split crimping machine, and hand-operated hydraulic crimping machine. When working, the parts to be crimped are placed in the pressing mold in the crimping pliers, the moving mechanism moves the pliers to the desired suitable position to be crimped, and the hydraulic pump station provides hydraulic high-pressure oil to push the hydraulic pliers to work for crimping.

Features of Crimping Machine.

First, Crimping Machine is suitable for crimping overhead tensile casings above 100KV and connecting underground cables. Second, the maximum casing size is 71mm, the crimping surface is wide, and the number of crimping is small, which can reduce crimping deformation and control elongation. Third, the double-acting hydraulic cylinder can avoid the problem of slow reset of spring elastic fatigue. Fourth, the double-acting hydraulic cylinder can shorten the piston reset time. Fifth, the movable mold can assist the operator in easily taking out the mold after crimping. Sixth, the rotary mold cover can be quickly opened and closed, making the operation and positioning easier. Seventh, Crimping Machine is simple in design and easy to maintain. Eighth, the fully automatic crimping machine must work with a double-acting hydraulic pump.

The advancement and innovation of Crimping Machine equipment.

First, the Crimping Machine system has a rated pressure of 80MPa, which can effectively reduce the cylinder diameter and the weight of the hydraulic tongs. At the same time, the technology and sealing technology of the 80MPa supporting hydraulic pump valve is also very mature. Second, the hydraulic pump station of the electric crimping machine has high and low-speed control, and the construction crimping efficiency is high. Third, the top cover of the automatic crimping machine adopts a net arc arch structure, which can reduce the weight of the top cover to the utmost extent while ensuring its strength. Fourth, realize the completion of wire crimping in 2 molds, with high construction efficiency and high crimping quality. Fifth, the crimping pliers can walk along the track, adjusting the crimping position is convenient and quick, and the labor intensity is low.

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