Introduce the structure of Crimping Machine
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Introduce the structure of Crimping Machine

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Introduce the structure of Crimping Machine

The advantage of the Crimping Machine structure is that the pumping mechanism and the power mechanism are connected vertically, which can make full use of space and reduce the floor space, which is beneficial to operation and transportation. The fully automatic crimping machine transforms the pump oil form of the high and low-pressure oil pumps into the actuating form of eccentric bearings. It has a simple structure and few parts, which is conducive to assembly. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the structure of the Crimping Machine. Here are some answers.

Crimping Machine
Crimping Machine

Here is the content list:

  • The structure of the Crimping Machine.

  • The structure of crimping pliers and molds of Crimping Machine.

The structure of the Crimping Machine.

The Crimping Machine consists of the fuel tank, power mechanism, reversing valve, pressure relief valve, and oil pump mechanism. The oil pump mechanism is composed of an oil pump body, a high and low-pressure oil outlet, an eccentric shaft, an eccentric bearing, a driven gear, a pair of high-pressure oil pumps, and a low-pressure oil pump. The hole is opened on the oil pump body and connected with the pressure relief valve oil circuit. The eccentric shaft is arranged longitudinally, the upper end is pivoted in the center of the oil pump body, and the lower end is fixed with an eccentric bearing. The driven gear is fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft and is connected with the power mechanism. The high and low-pressure oil pumps are suspended on the oil pump body, and each has an actuator that touches the eccentric bearing. The pump chambers of the high and low-pressure oil pumps are communicated with the high and low-pressure oil outlet holes respectively.

The structure of crimping pliers and molds of Crimping Machine.

To meet the strength requirements of the large-tonnage Crimping Machine, the volume and weight of each component should be as small as possible, and the key components are calculated and analyzed by finite element; the hydraulic cylinder usually works under high pressure, and it is necessary to focus on the tightness of the cylinder body. Based on the connection length of the large cross-section wire connection pipe or tensile aluminum pipe of 1250m㎡, the number of molding presses is reduced and the quality of the press molding is improved, which is convenient for construction. The crimping die of the electric crimping machine and the piston of the caliper body and the mold positioning block are grooved structure design, the crimping mold is designed with an annular groove in the middle, and a telescopic positioning pin is designed on the piston and the mold positioning block, and the mold is installed in place. The pin extension is stuck inside the annular groove of the mold to prevent the mold from moving back and forth during the crimping process, which is safe and reliable. At the same time, the clamp head is equipped with a mold positioning check block to check the mold positioning and facilitate the replacement of the mold. The axial gap between the mold positioning check block and the mold is 1mm. The mold positioning inspection block of the automatic crimping machine can be rotated at an angle of 45° with the inspection knob. When changing the mold, move the piston to the lowest end, and then rotate the inspection block to the 45º angle position. At this time, the mold can be replaced. After the mold is replaced, the inspection block is rotated in place. If the mold is not installed, check the positioning Interference will occur during the rotation of the block.

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