How to use Crimping Machine and matters needing attention
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How to use Crimping Machine and matters needing attention

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How to use Crimping Machine and matters needing attention

Crimping Machine is a very frequently used machine in the power industry. Do you know how to use Crimping Machine? What should I pay attention to when using a fully automatic crimping machine? Next, how to use Crimping Machine and precautions for use. Here are some answers.


Here is the content list:

  • How to use Crimping Machine.

  • Precautions for the use of Crimping Machine.

How to use Crimping Machine.

First, power on the Crimping Machine. Second, turn on the main power switch and turn on the air source. Third, enter the main interface of the touch screen, first enter the parameter setting to turn on the terminal machine, and then return to the automatic operation interface. Fourth, select the size according to the requirements of the work instruction, and make sure that the riveted terminal is at the "1" position. In the two modes of pressing end and cutting wire, select the pressing end mode. Fifth put the wires of the same specification and color into the catheter in sequence along the rollers, and the wires should be exposed to the catheter. The two rollers are pressed firmly, and the wires can be pulled by hand. Sixth, select the mold of the riveted plug-in, put it on the device, tighten the knob to make sure that the mold is firmly locked, turn on the power of the terminal machine, press the "auto/manual" button, the red light on the display is manual, and the green light is automatic. Once the red lightweight is displayed, press forward or reverse, and once the higher mold of the mold is ironed down till it will rotate ordinarily, it's enough. If there is any discrepancy, adjust the adjusting nut on the hydraulic terminal crimping machine mold.

Seventh, install the corresponding specifications of the plug-in, load the paper into the paper reel, feed the plug-in to the center of the mold, press down the mold, and reconfirm the height of the mold, use the forward or reverse rotation to check, and adjust it to the right until it makes one full revolution. Set the terminal machine to automatic. Eighth, select the inch on the display screen and then press the start button to adjust the line, mold, and plug-ins in place. Perform absorbing and change it to an acceptable position per the wants of the work instruction. Finally, tighten the nut, archive the variety, and confirm whether the riveting is firm enough to meet the requirements. After finishing, turn off the power of the terminal machine, the interface returns to the entering state, turn off the main power supply, turn off the air source, and disconnect the Crimping Machine power switch.

Precautions for the use of Crimping Machine.

First, check whether the terminals of the benchtop crimping machine are correct and whether the panel screws are loose before use. Second, whether the power supply is safe and reliable. Third, play singles first, and test whether the crimping is reliable after tensile testing, and then play again after reaching the standard. Fourth, after the work of the Crimping Machine is finished, the workbench should be cleaned and the knife row should be checked whether it is in good condition. If there is any abnormality, it should be adjusted or replaced in time. Fifth, the protective safety cover cannot be knocked or people leaned on it, so as not to damage the protective cover. Sixth, tools and other sundries are prohibited on the protective safety cover. Seventh, when the automatic crimping machine is running, the safety cover must be covered. Do not place your hands into the operating space of the machine to avoid injury. Eighth, when replacing molds and terminals, clean up the knocked-off terminals.  Once there's no terminal waste, the facility provided should be discontinued.

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