Daily maintenance of Pipe cutter machine
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Daily maintenance of Pipe cutter machine

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Daily maintenance of Pipe cutter machine

With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of Pipe cutter machines has gradually increased, so the daily maintenance of Pipe cutters has become a concern of everyone. Below we will share with you some brief analysis on the daily maintenance of the Pipe cutter machine so that you can use it better in the future. Here are some answers.

Pipe cutter machines

Here is the content list:

  • Maintenance method of Pipe cutter machine.

  • Lubrication and cleaning of Pipe cutter machine.

Maintenance method of Pipe cutter machine.

First, to ensure the service life of the rotary pipe cutter machine, you must inject engine oil or special equipment oil into the oil holes marked with red dots in various parts of the machine and the rotating parts such as chains and gears before starting the machine. The machine must rotate in a clockwise direction. Rotate, do not reverse, so as not to cause failures such as strip rolling and damage to parts. 

Second, please use the correct voltage, the error range of the input voltage should be within ±10V, and ensure that the machine should be grounded correctly to prevent damage caused by leakage of the machine.

 Third, if you need to make any adjustments to the Pipe cutter machine, be sure to turn off the power first, and unplug the plug to ensure safety, and do not let non-operators approach it.

Fourth, when using an air gun to clean the dust in the computer box, there must be no water spray. If so, please drain your air compressor. Fifth, when the temperature is low, the butter in the machine may freeze. Please insert the L8 wrench into the hole of the manual knife adjustment, go around in the direction shown on the cover, and add normal temperature engine oil to the lubrication position, and go around slowly until the edge of the knife is smooth, that's it. Sixth, the Pipe cutting machine is placed about 40mm away from the back, and there must be space for maintenance on the left and right sides. Seventh, please unplug the power plug first when changing the cutter, please be careful with the cutter to avoid cuts.

Lubrication and cleaning of Pipe cutter machine.

To ensure work efficiency, the Pipe cutter machine must be protected at ordinary times. The bearings of other parts of the electric pipe cutter machine are lubricated and cleaned once a year to increase grease. Always clean the iron filings on the front of the guide rail to keep the dust cover at the front and rear of the guide rail intact. The front and rear bearings of the Pipe cutter machine spindle are modified with high-speed grease. The spindle box uses mechanical seals and does not need to be refueled. Clamp the bearing in the cylinder every 1-2 weeks, write No. 2 high-temperature grease. Pipe cutter machine imported line rails should be added with new grease every week. A Pipe cutter machine is also called a cutting machine. It can be used to cut the same standard ductile iron pipes, seamless steel pipes, welded pipes, and stainless steel pipes before reaching the intention of installing pipelines. It is an ideal machine for construction and pipeline construction.

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