Advantages and precautions of the Pipe cutter machine
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Advantages and precautions of the Pipe cutter machine

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Advantages and precautions of the Pipe cutter machine

The principle of the Pipe cutting machine is to cooperate through the air-push-oil type. The electrical system controls the movement direction of the air pressure system and pushes the oil circuit to make a straight reciprocating movement. In the reciprocating movement, the signal detected from the carriage limit is used as the basis. Control and change the movement of the gas and oil circuits to achieve the expected path of the knife. Next, let's take a look at the advantages and precautions of a Pipe cutter machine. Here are some answers.

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Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of Pipe cutter machine.

  • Precautions of a Pipe cutter machine.

Advantages of Pipe cutter machine.

First, the Pipe cutter machine greatly improves and eases installation safety and fire safety. Second, the electric pipe cutter machine is precision cutting. After cutting, both sides of the pipe are flat for easy connection. Third, the cutting method is simple and fast, saving a lot of working time. Fourth, the Pipe cutter machine provides a handy working method and can design a cutting plan according to the workplace (on-site). Fifth, the Pipe cutter machine is highly safe, and there is no need to move the pipe by hand when working. Sixth, it will not produce sparks and dust to the outside world when cutting. Seventh, the Pipe cutter machine is full-featured and can cut all kinds of built pipes in the power system. The cutting pipe materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, plastic, and multilayer pipes can be cut. Eighth, the Pipe cutter has no specific requirements for pipe diameter and working platform. Ninth, the Pipe cutter machine is of high quality and low price, with high-cost performance.

Precautions of a Pipe cutter machine.

First, the spindle speed change must be carried out after stopping. The gears should be meshed once shifting. once the machine is found to be abnormal, stop and check directly. Second, adjust the cutter and clamp the work object before cutting. The length of the clamping half shall not be but fifty millimeters. The parking baffle should be fixed, and work can only be carried out after the sequence of clamping, unclamping, forward, and backward test runs. Third, when the Pipe cutter machine is rotating, no part of the human body should touch the transmission parts. Once operative, tie the cuffs, and it's strictly verboten to figure with gloves. The caput ought to deviate from the cutting direction.

Fourth, the machine must be stopped when changing tools, measuring workpieces, lubricating, and cleaning pipe heads. Fifth, when cutting the tube head, it is necessary to prevent the tube head from flying out and hurting people. Sixth, when the long material pipe is put into the material rack and the bundled lead wire is loosened, measures should be taken to prevent the pipe from rolling, impacting, and crushing people. Seventh, the dust removal device of the rotary pipe cutter machine should be intact before cutting. Eighth, no one should stand in the direction of the workpiece in and out of the material.

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